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Air Hockey 3

Get ready for an Air-Hockey tournament that will knock your socks off! Play against the 10 best players in the world and see if you\'ve got what it takes to stay in the game! Just drag your mouse to block and shoot the puck. Try and score as fast as you can to earn more points. Hit the yellow stars with the puck to earn bonus points. Win against each player to move up through the tournament. Good luck!

This fun badminton game can be resorted to anytime you feel out of sorts! All you need to do is to hit the shuttlecock to the other side of the net into your adversarys court using the space bar. The little girl, who does the hitting on your behalf, can be moved sideways on the court using the arrow keys.The game has a girlie look about it with the color pink dominating. Watch out for the morose expression of the girl, when she doesn\'t play too well!
247 MiniGolf

Get ready to play an awesome 18-hole miniature golf game! Polish your putter and get out your favorite plaid pants. Use your mouse to adjust the angle of your shots. Adjust the power of your swing by keeping the arrow close or far from the ball. Sink as many hole-in-ones as you can to keep your score card looking awesome. This is one of the few free games online where you want your score to be as low as possible!
Billiards Pocket

Your goal, is to pocket all the balls to win points needed in the level. By using the mouse, press on the white ball, and drag the mouse to the desired ball. Release to shoot.
Lawn Bowling

Another great bowling game stands in front of you! Lawn Bowling brings to reality a weird aspect of playing a bowling game. Itís a bit different from the classical bowling concept, but itís bowling after all and youíll enjoy it all the way through. To be able to control this game, use the left arrow to aim left, use the right arrow to aim right, press up to swap ball weighting, press spacebar to be able to set the power and finally, release the space to be able to throw bowl power. Start off!
Beach Tennis

A nice sunny day at the beach is the perfect time to play a little tennis! You and your opponent are very competitive so play hard. Use your arrow keys to run around on the court. Run to the targets because thats where the ball will land and swing your racket with the space bar. Have fun playing this cool ball game!
Air hockey 2

Everyone loves a great game of air-hockey, but you can\'t always get to a table! Online is the place for you to go! The game is as \'simple\' to play as in real life. Just drag your mouse around to block and shoot the puck. Warning: the computer player is really pretty good so you\'ll need to stay on top of your game. Out-score your opponent to win!
Micro Soccer

Micro Soccer is a funny football game. Your goal is simple: Score as many goals as possible. Challenge the CPU, kick the ball and win the match or get owned. Enjoy Micro Soccer! Control: Arrows = Move/Jump, Arrow DOWN = Change Player

Ready! Get set! Kick! Itís time to release all the anguish and play a round of mixed martial arts! Wear your white robe and become the coolest martial artist! To play, use the arrow keys to launch an attack. Up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to throw a punch, left arrow key to kick, and right arrow key for a rough back kick. To move around, use A and S keys. Release that adrenaline! Remember to always play for fun!
Carl 2

C2 is off with your backpack! Jump on your skate board and catch him before he gets away. You can choose either of the two characters- Jamie or Carl. You not only have to catch him but also see that you catch everything that falls from your bag. Press the numbers that appear over your head. Use the arrow keys to move left and right. Press the up arrow to jump. Complete the distance by avoiding the hurdles. Get your bag, its yours!

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