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Dodge Balling 2

Get ready a middle school flashback that will keep you playing for hours! Transform yourself into the dodge-ball master! Use your arrow keys or the WSAD keys to move your player around. Click and hold down your left mouse button to charge up the power for your throw. Once you\'ve selected and target and locked on your aim just release the button to throw. Combine the use of the arrow keys and the spacebar to dive out of the way from an attack. You\'ll only be able to dive every 5 seconds, so keep that in mind. It\'s a game of last man standing, so get in there and get some!
Everest Quest

This one requires you to struggle up the slope of Mount Everest! For this use the arrow keys. Ensure that youre tanked up with enough oxygen and avoid the blocks and chunks of ice that keep coming down towards you from summit with terrifying regularity.This game will find favor with adrenalin junkies, as the thrill ion avoiding the falling ice is immense. The sound of the howling wind the running out of oxygen and dropping of energy levels-the odds to be surmounted are tremendous- Great stuff!

Awesome you made it to the end of the block! The challenge of Blockbounce is to bounce the ball to down the block without letting it hit the ground or to lose control. You can hit the ball with your feet to keep it lower to the ground, or with your head to keep the ball high and in the air but dont bust a window or send it over the fence or you lose a ball. The further down the block you go, the more points you score. Blockbounce is a lot of fun but its a real challenge!
Button Heads 2

Button Heads 2 is the second part coming from this amazing serial og snooker games! This game comes with some very pleasant and different style of gameplay, so be sure that you’ll enjoy it all the way to the finish! You will need to click on the yellow button head and hold it. With that done, drag toward the direction that you plan to shoot and after that simply release the mouse. Hit the blue button head out! A very special game for you to play, be convinced on that! Have fun!
Darts Secure

Lets throw darts! You have 10 darts to try beat your best score in this great Darts Secure game. The left mouse button lets you pick up the dart, and throw it to try to hit the bulls eye and get the 500 points. It takes some practice to get the throwing motion down by moving the mouse quickly forward then releasing the mouse button to try to score points by hitting the various rings on the board.
Overhead Kick Champion

What do Pele, Van Basten and Trevor Sinclair have in common? They all scored gravity defying overhead kicks! Can you?
Air Hockey

Lead your nation and bring home the cup! Control the movement of your mallet by moving the mouse in any direction. The speed of your thrust will determine the speed the puck will move. Strike the puck with your mallet to make the puck move. Now click and hold the mouse let button to lift mallet and then release it whenever the puck to place the puck where you want! Enjoy!
Big Uglies Rugby

And welcome to another sport game, completely intended to make you enjoy to the maximum limits. So, if you are that specific mood and you wish something strong and attractive to compete in, this is the real thing for you.
Ben 10 Dead Water

This is a difficult mission. Help Ben 10 show his skate skill and get collect 3000 points before the 60sec timer runs out to win.
2D Air Hockey

2 D Air Hockey is a super hockey game, especially designed to make you enjoy completely! So, before you start the game, you will be offered to select from one of the difficulty levels. And then, you will be able to choose to play your game in the wussy, medium or the awesome difficulty level, so which one will be? And it looks like you are well prepared to start his game, so give it a try, play 2 D Air Hockey now!

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