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Ultimate Chess
Unfreeze Me!
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Extreme Defense

Throw the ball and destroy as many opponents as possible! Do not forget to collect different bonus items on the way!
Ben 10 Ultimate Cricket

To play this game, you need to know how to control your moves once you start. To be able to hit the ball in this game, use the arrow keys from the keyboard. Also, to be able to move your player in directions, you will need to use keys Z and X from the keyboard. With this said, youíre ready to take a turn in this game, so letís go!
Happy Golf

With your cursor go above the ball, click and hold the left mouse click and then by pulling back, choose the desired power and direction of your shot! Be precise in every hole and succed in this as less balls possible. Be happy by playing this game called Happy Golf! Good luck!
VR Quarterback Challenge

This realistic football game is highly addicting is about as much fun as the real thing, just minus the bruises! Complete enough passes in 30 seconds to move up through the levels which increase in difficulty so they become more of a challenge. Use the arrow keys or the A and D keys to move your player across the field. Throw to the receivers by clicking the mouse. Have a blast playing this exciting ball game!
Cross Country Skifahren

Cross Country Skifahren is a cross country skiing championship, you have watched this type of tournament on TV for sure, right? So, if you ever wanted to take part in this type of tournament, then here is a chance for you to take part in this competition for yourself! Bring the impression of the Nordic chill at your door by playing this super ski type of game called Cross Country Skifahren! There are 4 main components in which your game-playing consists in this game. You need to compete and be able to give your best on the aspect of cross country skiing, be precise and efficient when the moment for shooting comes, give your best to ski jump and finally to show result in curling! A perfect all round ski style of game that will make you feel better in every sense. Itís time to actually take your part in this game, so go for it now!
Pitching Machine

Pitching Machine is expecting you to start and play this game, so are you really prepared to take a try playing inside this game? Make a selection on your own baseball team, click the push button and start the game! Itís up to you to influence the speed of the ball which you will hit, so within the number of 10 ball hits, try to do the best from you! Itís time for you to start, so we wish you good luck!
A Game Of 3 Halves

A Game of 3 Halves is a real football game tournament and itís here and now completely free to be played and enjoyed online! So, if you want a chance to prove yourself in the aspect of competition, you are obviously at the right place in the right time! A Game of 3 Halves will do thething for you! Are you ready to give the best of you to represent your country team in the greatest way possible! You must be motivated enough to be able to do that for your country, so itís almost sure that this is the way itís going to be in the later gameplay when you start. The leaderboard is changing all the time with every game you play, so try to stay focused and give your best in every match you play in this competition! What a playable game indeed! Enjoy and start this moment, A Game of 3 Halves is here for you! Have fun!
Discus Champion

And here is Discus Champion, a game that is related to this rare but very classical type of Olympic sport called Disc throwing. Discus Champion will bring the whole reality back to you, so we are almost certain that by playing of this game you will enjoy.
Tricky Shot

Your goal is to move and rotate the given blocks to guide the ball into the basket! You can also speed up the ball with boosters placing them in the path of the ball, or change the gravity with arrows when necessary. Watch out for spikes!
3 On 3 Hockey

Are you ready to take part in what this game offers you? A hockey game playing concept in which youíll compete 3 on 3! With playing of this game, youíll feel the real hockey satisfaction and playing the game 3 on 3 is the right way to be able to achieve that! To be able to lay and control this game, use the arrows from the keyboard and to be able to perform the shot, use the spacebar button!

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