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Worlds Strongest Man

In this funny sport game you may win the title \'World\'s Strongest Man\' but you can NOT win a new keyboard... Smash the keys but don\'t crush\'em!
Boxing Token

Boxing Token is a puzzle-based fighting game played with the mouse. In this game your goal is to punch out your opponent by using a set of tokens to travel a path shown by the arrows drawn on tiles. Make a big chain of tiles to unleash a super combo!
Super Soccer Star

Super Soccer Star Game is a physics-based puzzle game. Do you have what it takes to be a superstar soccer player? Find out in this football game with a difference. It will take some cool trick shots to kick the ball through all the obstacles, such as trash cans and girders, and into the goal. The faster you can score a goal, the better your score will be.
Snowboard King

Exercise dominion over the snow-covered hills as you compete in multiple events. Your kingdom awaits!
Mini Sports Challenge

Run, jump, swim and paddle in 4 different competitions in this fun sports game. Prepare your fingers and your mind to this speed challenge. Press quickly A and S to run, R and S to swim, Space bar to jump and row.
Baseball League

Baseball League will entertain you with the best you can get from a baseball game, so start off and see what this game is all about! You can start playing in the championship mode at once and get into the real baseball tournament. But if you feel that youíre not ready for it, you can start with some practice before the real tournament. Itís strongly suggested that you practice a little before you get into some real baseball action as this game is not far from what you will see and live through in the reality of a baseball game!
Tennis Guru

We wish you welcome in this game called Tennis Guru. The game is intended to be played in the single player mode. You need to know that by clicking W from the keyboard, youíll perform throw of a ball that will come from some of those machines. You will need to move your player by using the arrow keys and then to swing with the bat by sing the spacebar button from the keyboard. Give your best from those 30 balls that youíll have the chance to hit. The overall result will depend of the way you kick the ball!
Snowboard Slalom Xtreme

It\'s a downhill winter slalom! Head between the flags and try and make the bottom of the slop in record time. Look out for exploding snowmen and suicide penguins.
Backyard Sports

The first thing you will need to do before you start this game is to pick a team from the offered teams in the menu, so which one is going to be? After you pick your team, there is another selection that you must do and that is to make a selection of your player. In this selection, you will be able to select from one of the Joey, Dmitri, Pablo or Vicki! Start and what you will need to do is to strike after the ball in the most efficient way possible! You have an overall number of 10 runs to hit a homerun! So, strike the ball and strike it precisely! Letís see if you can!
World Basketball Challenge

It\'s one-on-one hoops! Can you become king of the court in this brilliant basketball game?

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