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Pixel Legions

Your base produces pixels. Destroy enemy bases. Click to select pixels and click a place to move them. Click and drag for motion paths.
Mario vs Luigi Pong

Play this pong game with Mario and Luigi. You can choose two modes: against the computer or against another person. Press space to play against computer and Alt to play with another person. Use arrows and W and S to move.

The player takes turn with the computer drawing a line to connect two dots horizontally or vertically. If a player makes the line that completes a box, that player scores one point, and draws another line. Once all the dots are connected the player with the most points is the winner.
Catch your doll

Match the dolls in the machine. Use the mouse to move and the button to catch the dolls.

Hold left Mouse button or space bar for show motion. Coins recharge slow-mo. Power up to eat ghosts
Power Pinball

Play this pinball in the wilderness. Use down arrowto launch the ball, up arrow to tilt, left and right arrow to use flippers.
Space blocks

Another version of the classic Tetris. Arrange the pieces that appear to build complete lines. Use the arrow keys to move and rotate pieces.
Pwong 2

Rules are simple. Hit all balls back to the other side. Whenever you miss a ball your score gets decreased, and whenever your opponent misses a ball your score gets increased. The more balls are in play, the less it couts if you miss one. The game ends when the bar below your paddle reaches the right side. Move our paddle with the mouse. Click to shoot when you have ammo loaded.
Tetris Returns

Use arrow keys left right to move bricks. Up arrow to rotate. Arrow down to speed up.
Flash Ludo

Each player picks a set of counters and places them in the starting squares of the same colour. Take it in turns to throw. You must throw a 6 before you can move a piece onto the track. Every time you throw a 6 you get another throw and you can move any one co counter to the number shown on the dice. If your counter lands on one fo your opponent´s they are knocked off and returned. If one of your counters lands on top of your counters this forms a block. Your block cannot be passed by any opponent pieces. When a counter goes all the way round the board it can enter the Home column. to land in the Home you must throw the exact number. The winner is the first player to get all four counters into Home triangle.

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