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Mine sweeper

Enter number of bombs, enter horizontal and vertical size and start playing. Click once to mark, double click to open.
Ball Match

Make the same ball over three on vertical, horizontal or diagonal line. Use arrow keys to move the balls and up arrow to change their order.

A classic board game now in digital format. You must get the darker color piece to where the exit is. For that you will have to rearrange the other pieces that only move horizontally or vertically to clear the way.

A 3D version of the classic Pong game. Try to beat your opponent with the ball. If he looses all their lives you pass to the next level. If you lose all the lives the game is over. Use the mouse to hit the ball with the paddle.
First Person Tetris

This is a new re version of the classic Tetris game, created in 1984 in Russia. In this version you rotate with the pieces. Use arrows to move the pieces, space bar to rotate them, and enter or the down arrow to make it fall.
Simpsons Home Interactive

There are a lot of thing to click in the Simpsons house. You must find them. You have the television in the living room, the piano, telephone, characters and pets, refridgerator and other things.
Whack your Boss

Finally, a place to express your rage without harming a soul. Find the 7 ways to whack your boss here in cyberspace. If you are experiencing serious homicidal thoughts ask for help.
Dancing Bush

Dance with ex president Bush, the dance king. You can select between seven different dance moves. Also you can add Disco lights, spot lights and a dance floor. Then you can see Mr. Bush make his magical movements. No more bombs for the world, just dancing.
Final Fantasy Sonic

Somebody is running away. When Sonic asked he says he is spying on Cains group to report any information on the Gate of Destruction and the legendary Sword. The legend says “He who holds the sword of destiny shall have control over the ultimate evil. Let the Stone of Chaos guide your way unto the gate where the ultimate evil will lay dormant. If you have the stone of chaos then you will find the Gate of Destruction. Name: Final Fantasy Sonic X: Venture through Hyrule

There are two play modes. 8-ball is played with 15 balls and a cue ball. The goal of each player is to pocket their set of balls (solid and stripes) band then the 8 ball. Straight pool is played with 15 balls and a cue ball. There are no set of balls, and each player can shoot at any ball on the table. The goal is to be first to pocket 8 balls.

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