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Bloons Tower Def ...
Rich Mine 2
Truck Loader 3

Show me your muscles

As the competition begins, make sure you show my the muscles of your car, by taking down all competitors that are trying to defeat you. Game controls: Use the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and break in order to control the car.
Tall Ships

Tall Ships is an against the clock Sailing Boat Racing Game that requires you to participate in a race over the Atlantic, choose the best route by where to sail, avoiding all the hazards, e.g. rocks, ice bergs, thunder storms, giant wales, land masses etc...and get to the designated ports as quick as you can. Remember to collect various flags in the time given in order to win. Navigate The Ship = Use Arrow Keys Restart The Race = Use Space BarZeitenwende Try and get as far as you can on what appears to be the world\'s longest tightrope in Zeitenwende! Test your sense of balance and precision, keeping your balance as even as possible or else you\'ll fall off! To make things worse, all kinds of devious critters will get in your way to knock you off your balance, so be wary!
Mini Machines

Upgrade your RC car and drive table tops, around the kitchen and in a workshop! Use the ARROW KEYS to control your car. Collect coins to buy upgrades.
Pokemon Bike Adventure

In this pokemon bike adventure you\'re driving as an Raichu on a motorbike. Explore the world and show you\'re skills as an motordriver.
Hulk AtvH

Hide with Hulk on a Atv over hills in the city and as you try to stay balanced without tipping over.
Alvin and Chipmunks

After the hard-working days, Dave and the lovely Chipmunks will take an adventure today. Do you want to join with them in this exciting activity? Let\'s follow the BowBie\'s instruction to have a fun time with smart and mischievous Chipmunks!
Escape Race

Escape from the daily routine and drive with the highest speed.How far can you run without car crash or be caught by the police? This game puts your driving skills to the test.
SAO Racing Mini

A bunny riding game, by turning left and right, try to avoid obstacles along the way. Have Fun Good Luck.
Super 4x4 Rally

Take to the dirt tracks in this 3D race across country. Multiple levels, and 4 different cars to buy, as well as multiple upgrades.
Crazy Golf Cart

While playing golf Joey heard that his fiance needed him! He jumped on the cart and embarked on a crazy journey. But it\'s so hard to control it! Use your arrow keys and help him drive carefully!

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