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Mortal Highway

Drive at full speed in this freeway avoiding the other cars. If you hit one you lose and you must begin again. You must maneuver fast because the cars go at full speed. Use the arrows to move.
Extreme Racing

The object of this game is to complete all 10 laps without crashing in this Formula 1 Track. Use the arrow keys to change lanes. Prove your ability to respond quickly to the cars that appear in your way.
Mini Wave

Choose one of the aquatic circuits marked by the buoys and try to win the race with your boat. You will have to maneuver within the track marked by buoys. if you leave the track your boat will walk slower until you return to to the track. Use arrows to move.

Choose the vehicle that you prefer and as rapidly as possible cross the circuit avoiding the water and oil spots and gathering the stars in the way. Once you finish the circuit you will access to a most complicated circuit. You can play with one or two players. The controls are the arrrows for player 1 and keys F to accelerate Z and x to turn for player 2.
German Autoband

Use the Michael Schumacher car to cross the german autoband. You must avoid crashing with the other vehicles. Take care with the cars behind, they will use lights to warn you that they want to advance. Use the arrows to turn.
Race in the room

Timmy wanted to be a runner of cars and Wanda become his wish true. Help him to run in this track in miniature in the room before the time finishes. Pick up the clock to obtain more time, the ray to obtain more speed and the positive points to add score and avoid the negatives that will reduce your score. Use thearrows to move, to accelerate and to use the brakes.
Drive in the city

Drive by the ruinous Bucharest following the route that it`s marked with arrows. You will have to cross ways plagued of obstacles. You can use the power of nitro to accelerate a little in these passages. There are barriers that will be opened when you complete other routes. Use the arrows to move.
Knugg Rally

Run in this complicated dirt circuit against another vehicle. You can choose between a series of futurist vehicles the one that you prefer. Also you must shoot the other ship and avoid its firings. You can use the turbo fuel to finish the circuit before. Use the arrows to move, R to shoot and T to activate the turbo.
London Chaos

Drive your car in London to make deliveries avoiding the cameras and the other cars. Use the arrows to move. When you finish a delivery you will have another new one in other part of the city.
Spy Hunter

Cross the route hunting spies. Avoid the other cars and try to catch the car with the sniper and shoot him. Whenever you receive a shot you will lose energy. Also your energy will descend when you crash with the other cars. You have three lives.

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