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Clear Vision 4

Monster Truck

Challenge your skills in the 4 trials of the monster truck championship. Use arrow keys to accelerate, brake, reverse and rotate. Use space bar to activate nitro power.
Star Racer

Choose in wich of the four planets you want to compete in a ships race. Then choose a ship. You will have to keep a high speed to arrive at the goal before the time finishes. Try to do it in the first place. Use the arrows to accelerate, brake and to turn.
Taxi driver

Deliver your clients as fast as possible to earn cash and advance in level. If you dont work fast you will be fired. Also, you can go crazy and run over as many people as you can within three minutes. Use arrow keys to drive.
Land Rider

Use the up key to accelerate, down key to brake or reverse, left and right keys to steer, space - brake, shift key to use nitro boost. P to pause and resume game and S to toggle sound on/off.
Street Rally

To complete each race you must pass through each checkpoint flag before getting to the round-a-bout. Afeter reaching the round-a-bout, you must return to the start point. Make sure you go through the new check points on the way back. Watch out for the other vehicles and pedestrians.
Hot Shots Golf

Man your trusty cart and keep your cool while scrambling to keep the club´s customers refreshed and happy with cool idec tea. If you make it to each golfer and fill their glass before they see the bottom, you´ll get big tips and score. But if you´re too slow, someone might complain and you´ll be out on the curb. Use arrows to move and space to brake.
Ace Racer

You must compete in three places to take home the championship cup. In order to move on to each round, you must aquire a certain amount of points. You rack up points by staying alive, doing tricks jumpong over buoys, and collecting stars. Use keyboard arrows to move and jump. Avoid sea creatures. You know a sea creature is coming because you will see a dark blue spot appear in the water that becomes bigger and bigger until the creature leaps out of the water.
Urban Race

Use your money to buy a car and go to the street for an urban race. You can compete against another car o just test it. If you have enough money you can upgrade your car. Use Space for gas, arrows to change gears, and N key to use Nitro.
Little Cars

Complete the five laps to finish the race try to arrive first. There are 7 cars. Yours is the blue car. Use left and right arrows to turn and the up arrow to start the race. When your turn your car will stay in the same place of screen and the screen will rotate.
High Speed Race

Hold the spacebar down to give gas to your engine. You can accelerate your engine even when your car is in neutral. By acclerating your engine at the star line, you can achieve a faster take off when you switch to 1st gear allowing you the opportunity to get a head start on your opponent. Use the up/down keys to shift gears. Your car is equipped with a high performance five speed transmission. By default you start each race in a neutral gear. Use your brakes (X) to help stop your car when you cross finish line. Use the parachute (Z) to help even further slow down your car.

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