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Star Island
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Smiley War

Dinner Danger

Mr. X is on a mission to gather the ingredients for dinner. Unfortunately, SNAFU agents are trying to make this meal his last. Choose your vehicle carefully. Each has specific driving skills. The car is tough, but it ainīt fast. Tho bike is fast, but it ainīt tough. The plane is a bit fragile, but it can fly over oil slicks.
Nate Drive

Drive your car in the enormeous city. Try to get de destination points following the arrows in the right side of the screen. Use arrows to move. Collect the Ok items. Control your fuel level and refill the tank.
T-Zero Turbo X

Control your ship with the cursor keys, space bar activates your T-boost. Use your T-Boost for a huge increase in speed but be careful, if you do not use all your T-Boosts every lap they will not be replenished for the next one. Upgrade your ship after each race to keep pace with the other racers.
Car Seek

Choose your car colour. Find 5 new cars to get on the score board. Name: Corsa Seek

Try to get first in this race in the hot sands. Get the checkpoints in the track. Try to keep into the track. Use arrows to move.
Space Race

Choose the track, the game mode between challenge, practice modo or tournament and run against the other space cars. Your car is the red one. use arrows to move.
Moto X

Press up arrow to accelerate, press down arrow to brake, space bar, left, right and down arrows to performa advanced tricks in the air. Hold space bar when approaching a ramp to charge for backflip release near top of ramp to flip. Hold down and up arrow to control rotation.
Cone Crazy

You have 60 seconds to knock down as many cones as you can. You have 3 lives to do this so dont hit the trees. Use arrow keys to control the car. Knock down cones for points. Avoid obstacles.
4x4 Rally

The purpose of the game is to finsh each level on one of the fist three positions to get to the next level. Use the arrow keys to control your car. Be careful with your slides.
Rocket Bike

Choose your opponent number, pick your biker between Rocket Dude, Alien Farm, Red Gallito, Punk Guy, Blue Elvis and Evil Clown and buy your equipment. Controls: Arrows, up, left, up and down, Space bar, brake, X extra, Z weapon.

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