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Truck Loader 2
Billiard Blitz P ...
Load Trucker

The Fast and the Phineas

Play with Ferb and Phineas in this car race. Select you car wheels, chasis, engine, body kit, etc and run. Use up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to breake, left arrow to steer left and right arrow to steer right. Use Ctrl to turbo boost.
Street Menace

Select a car. Complete the laps avoiding obstacles, persons and cars in your way. Use up arrow to speed up, down arrow to speed down, left and right arrows to turn left and right.
Sim Taxi Berlin

Drive your taxi around the city to earn money. Charge fuel and pick up passengers. Drive the passengers to their destination following the right way.
Truck Bonanza

Drive the Truck to the finish line in each level without causing much damage to the truck. On the way collect the coins to gain more points. Press up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to reverse, left and right to rotate the truck.
Rally Point

Use the arrow keys to steer your car. Hold shift to drift through corners. Hold Z to use the nitro. Do not overheat your engine. Win races by following the red skytubes and beating the target times. This will unlock new tracks and a new car.
Sim Taxi

Drive your taxi around the city to earn money. Use arrows to control your cab. Up to accelerate, down to brake and reverse, left and right to turn, M and N to music on-off. Use R to put the radio on.
Mining Truck

Wait for the trucky loading finish. Drive when the green light is on. Use up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to break, Left and right arrow to balance left and right
Deus Racer: Highway Combat

It is the year 2525. Most of the world is ruled by a large supercountry, Eurasia. A system of implants that improve a human reflexes, agility and intelligence has been designed here. But an error make the humans puppets. You are the only one that still remains human. Try to escape driving your battle car.
Free Gear

The goal of this game is to place at least third in the five tournaments presented. You can only enter a tournament if you qualified in the previous one. You will win money on each race that you can spend on your car, helping you throughout the game. Use arrows to accelerate, brake and turn left and right and Z or X to gear up and down (if not automatic), and C to activate nitro.
Hell Riders

Walk the steep cliffs of hell with your bike trying to not fall and doing all the tricks that you can as you travel the roads. Use up arrow to throttle, down arrow to break left arrow to lean back, right arrow to lean forewards, Z, X, C, V, B to make tricks

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