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Enemy Racers

You work as a secret agent hunting down a new breed of enemy racers. The stakes are high and each day could be your last as you acquire new weapons and fight for your life. Use the mouse or arrows to move your car. Click mouse button or space bar to fire.
Island Cruisin

Choose which of the 3 characters you will race with. Then get over to the starting line. Use the up arrow to accelerate forward and the right and left arrow to steer. The race is three laps around the lagoon. You are bound to run into a few beaches as well as the other racers. Try to anticipate the curves and do not get too turned around.
2039 Rider

Try to finish as fast as you can. Ride over the vehicles without crashing. Use up arrow to forward, down arrow to backward and left and right arrows to lean the vehicle.
Skid MK

Use arrows to drive your car, press space bar to use power up. Drive into capsules to grab a power up. Collect the coins to buy items in the shop. Collect beans to speed up. Bowl skulling balls to strike your rivals. Avoid slippy poo.
Freeway Fury

Press left and right to steer. Press down arrow to jump of the roof. Use arrow keys to jump on other cars. Press down again to enter a car. Crazy stunts earn you points and nitro. Press up to use nitro boost.
Street Ride

Ride the streets in your bike jumping over ramps. Use arrow keys to ride on ground, wheelie or stoppie and rotate in air. Use V to change view, space to jump, X to ground or air stunt.
Coaster Racer

Control the car with either sets of keys, arrows or WASD to accelerate, brake and steer, N or X to nitrous, M or Z to Freestyle. Finish in the qualifying position to unlock the next track. Cash is earned dependent on your finishing position. Use cash to upgrade your car.
Coastal Cruisin

Use up arrow to go forward, down arrow to reverse and left and right arrows to turn. Drive on different kinds of road in a beach track in a beautiful place. You will proof your skills with the wheel.
Foofa Race

Use arrows or AZOP to drive your car. Press space bar to use bonus weapons. Chili boost provides super speed for a few seconds. Smart firework follows and hits the nearest opponent. Oil barrel makes the ground slippery. Space cannon hits the car in first position. Soap bubble protects against any weapon.
Outback Racing

If you wanna win the heart of this Sheila, you are gonna need to impress the locals by passing their challenges. You can talk to people by clicking on them. Use left and right to steer your car. Press up to accelerate and down to reverse, use shift to drift through turns. This is a beaut car. If you stack too many times, you are going to fail the challenge.

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