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Stinger Zed. Mis ...
Cube Mayhem
OOzing Forever

Stunt Crazy

Become the most famous stuntman by performing the best movie stunts over 24 levels and 4 different movie studios. Earn money to improve your vehicle performance. Use arrows to control your vehicle, Z to fire missiles to destroy buildings and collect objects, X to use stunt rocket to move faster, C to crash bombs. Game Name: Stunt Crazy
Spy Truck. The Ultimate Adventure

Use – and + to zoom in and out. W or up arrow to move forward, S or down arrow to reverse, A and D or left and right arrows to rotate truck, Ctrl to vertical boost and left click mouse to fire. Game Name: Spy Truck. The Ultimate Adventure
International Speed Busters

When the speed laws seem to be forgotten policeman Dave is the person that´s called to remind them. Some drivers ignore all the traffic rules. Reach and destroy the targets in Italy, Las Vegas and Germany. Use arrows to accelerate, brake and turn left and right. Game Name: International Speed Busters
Urban Crusher

Destroy the cars running over them. Use up arrow to move forward, down arrow to move backwards. Press left arrow to lean left and right arrow to lean right. Avoid rollover or lose control o your giant urban crasher. Game Name: Urban Crusher
Crazy Rider

Be the fastest runner in the highway. Use WASD or arrow keys to move and space to activate turbo speed. Avoid all the other cars. You can select you car model and color. Game Name: Crazy Rider
Towing Mania

Be the authority and impound the cars. Use arrow keys to drive the tow truck. Use space bar to brake. Use X to hook and unhook cars. Drive the cars to the marked place. Do not crash the tow truck or the vehicle because you only have three chances. Game Name: Towing Mania
London Bus

Drive the famous London Bus today. Use the arrow keys to move the bus, press space bar to brake. Move through traffic and park at the stop sign. Avoid turning quickly. Turning at high speeds or braking suddenly will cause people fall out. Game´s Name: London Bus
Ultimate Ambulance

Run through the city with the ultimate ambulance. Try to get the finish in each level without crashing. Use up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to reverse, and left and right arrow to lean backward and forward. Press space bar to jump. Game´s Name: Ultimate Ambulance

Run at full speed through the city streets picking up items score and repair items for your car, avoid dangerous trucks that attempt to destroy your vehicle. Ride on the new part of the city and the old neighborhood, characterized the traditional houses. Use the arrow keys to move forward, backward and turn. Keep yourself from be trapped by vans. Game´s Name: Runner
Yacht 2011

You will have to get the end of the circuit with your yacht. Use arrows to move the rudder and Z and X to maneuver the sail. Take care of the wind direction. Game´s Name: Yacht 2011

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