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Dralienīs day
Truck Loader 2
Star Island
3D Blue Print

Space Punk Racer

You must collect 8 different items, all of which can be found on Planet Turbos. Each one is found in a different country. You will need to race all the way around the globe to pass the assignment. Use arrows to accelerate, brake and steer. X to boost and Z to use shockwave (you need energy for both). Collect energy powers and money to buy upgrades. Destroy enemies with shockwaves. Avoid civilian vehicles. Game Name: Space Punk Racer
Vector Stunt

Use left and right arrows to steer. Collect the notes. Press key combinations when you hit a jump to do a stunt. Perform different stunts while chaining jumps to earn huge point multipliers. Jumping on the rail does not count as a stunt unless you chain it from a ramp jump. If you bounce on the rail more than once you will lose your multiplier. Game Name: Vector Stunt
Carbon Auto Theft

Use the arrow keys to drive the car and walk. Use the keyboard to enter the code as shown in the game. Press spacebar to use the hand brake. Try to steal the cars as fast as possible without getting caught by the police. Game Name: Carbon Auto Theft
Parking Frenzy

Use your keyboard to play. Use arrow keys to navigate the car towards the highlighted parking space. Avoid bumping into other cars. Game Name: Parking Frenzy
Mafia Driven

Drive, deal and kill on the mafia in Chinatown, LA. Use arrows to drive the car and space bar to brake. Don Milano is back from Italy. Pick him up at the Los Angeles Airport. Drop him of at the house. Then pick up a delivery of merchandise from the garage and bring it back to the house. The rival gang members are creating havoc in the southern part of the city. Get to the scene and run over all of them to finish them up. Game Name: Mafia Driven
American Firefighter

Your city needs you. Be the hero and put out the blazing infernos across your city. Use WASD to drive the fire truck. Park on the marked area to fill up your tank. Drive to the scene and use your mouse to put out the fire. Game Name: American Firefighter
London Bus 2

Drive the London Bus. If you damage the bus thrice, you lose the level. Use up arrow key to accelerate. Use spacebar to brake. Use left and right arrows to dive the bus. Park in the Stop marked area. Avoid crashing with any obstacle. Game Name: London Bus 2
Jumping Redneck

To start click on the acceleration pedal and hold the pedal on pedal box. To reduce speed release pedal. Optimum speed shows the best speed when hitting the first ramp to achieve the best possible score per jump. Successfully jump over trucks and land without crashing. There are 10 levels in the game. A perfect score is 1000. Game Name: Jumping Redneck
3D LA Supercars

Run in the highway in a race at hih speed. First you will run in desert, then in LA city. Avoid crash with cars and obstacles. Use arrows to turn left and right, accelerate and brake. Game Name: 3D LA Supercars
Soul Driver

Drive to the Mexico Frontier, to escape the police. Beware, the will try to stop you at all costs and the road is full of dangers. If your damage bar gets full, your vehicle is on the blink and you lose the game. Do not forget to repair it at the garage. Stressful actions give you adrenaline. When a portion of the bar is full, you can do a strong acceleration. Game Name: Soul Driver

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