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Ricochet Kills 3
Tractor Mania
Heatwave Racing
Monkey Go Happy ...

Jumping Redneck

To start click on the acceleration pedal and hold the pedal on pedal box. To reduce speed release pedal. Optimum speed shows the best speed when hitting the first ramp to achieve the best possible score per jump. Successfully jump over trucks and land without crashing. There are 10 levels in the game. A perfect score is 1000. Game Name: Jumping Redneck
3D LA Supercars

Run in the highway in a race at hih speed. First you will run in desert, then in LA city. Avoid crash with cars and obstacles. Use arrows to turn left and right, accelerate and brake. Game Name: 3D LA Supercars
Soul Driver

Drive to the Mexico Frontier, to escape the police. Beware, the will try to stop you at all costs and the road is full of dangers. If your damage bar gets full, your vehicle is on the blink and you lose the game. Do not forget to repair it at the garage. Stressful actions give you adrenaline. When a portion of the bar is full, you can do a strong acceleration. Game Name: Soul Driver
School Bus Licence

Control the bus with the arrow keys (to turn left, right, speed or break) and with space bar (handbreak). Each level has a different line to drive, beware not to leave it. Borders are usually indicated by yellow lines. Do not knock over the buoys. If you hit one, the bus stops immediately while you lose your time. Pick up the kids at the bus station by stopping at the indicated area. Be patient until they are getting on and off the bus. Game Name: School Bus Licence
Y3K Race

Use arrows to turn and accelerate or mouse and mouse button. You have Champion and Knock Out modes. In Champion mode, you have to cross each of the 5 checkpoints within 30 seconds at each level. But you should not end up in last track end at least in 3rd position. In Knock out, you have to cross each of the five checkpoints within 30 seconds, but you should not end up in last position. The left over time at a checkpoint, will be added as a bonus time for the next check point. Game Name: Y3K Race
Super Race

Help super flaying pig, a nice little pork, to complete each circuit. Collect bonus, coins and lives. Avoid crash with buildings. Use up arrow to fly up, down arrow to fly down, left and right to turn and space bar to accelerate. Game Name: Super Race
Kamikaze Race

You enter the freeway just to realize that the car brakes break down and accelerator jams at full throttle. Survive the traffic and stay undamaged as long as you can. Use left and right arrow keys to steer your car. Game Name: Kamikaze Race Fatal Race

Try to get to the end of the track transforming your truck according to needs. 1 is the normal tuck, 2 the truck becomes a magnet slider to pass over the fire, 3 turns into a wrecking machine to pass obstacles. Use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake and lean. Game Name: Trucksformers
Crazy Mammoths

The higher position you take during the race, the more you are slowed down by the friction with the air. When a crazy mammoth jumps over you, hit the lower right corner of his ice block to stop it. You are in league 3, win the race to reach the league 2. 1 point for each line you break through. 3 points for the final line. Game Name: Crazy Mammoths
Demolition Derby

Your aim is to accumulate as many points as you can get by destroying or damaging your opponent vehicles and to be the last car alive. Watch your health meter carefully to know which part of your car to protect if damaged. Hold the up arrow key to move the car forward. The left and right arrow rotate the car left and right. Down arrow key will slow down the vehicle. Game Name: Demolition Derby

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