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Dora\'s Pony Ride

Ride as on your ponies, try to reach as far away as you can and collect things for a higher score! Unlock new items for Dora and the Ponies. Complete the game with the highest score to win! D - to dash. Space bar - to jump.
Monster Truck Curfew

Ever stuck in traffic and wish you could drive over the cars in your way, monster-truck style? Well, dreams can come true. Warning: Hitting people, pets and cops will bring your joyride to an untimely end.
Flugtag Racing 2

Get ready for some racing action in Flugtag Racing 2! Upgrade and customize your car and take it to the road to show your driving skills. Arrow keys to drive, X to use turbo.
Tic Tac Bomb

If you like danger then the Tic Tac Bomb racing game is for you. You need to drive your truck loaded with bombs to the delivery point. But you need to watch your timer so the bombs don\'t blow up. Also be very careful as you race over the bumpy roads and over the hills. Use the arrow keys to drive.
Popebox Racer

Race the pope-mobile as you grab powerups and win as many levels as possible. Don\'t let the pope win. Use Arrow Keys and Space Bar to play this game.Have a fun!
Mini Cars Racing

Get ready to roll as we enter the Mini Cars Racing tournament. See if you can be the driver to get your awesome mini car to the finish line in first place. Use your car\'s magnet to pick up power ups and extra bonuses that you can use to upgrade your car. If you want to move on to the next race you need to come in first place. Use the arrow keys to drive. Press the X key for your nitro and the C key to use your magnet.
Pou Beach Ride

Pou just got a new bike and wants to take it for a ride on the beach. In the Pou Beach Ride game you need to help them stay on their bike as they race around the beach. Collect roses and apples to unlock new characters. Use your booster when you need some extra speed.
911 Amazing Race

The greatest race of them all is ready to start! Which team do you choose to support? Do you want the speedy police cars, the cool emergency vans or the reliable fire trucks? You can buy great upgrades between levels and improve your vehicles and collect power ups on the way to help you with your health, fuel, NOS and magnet levels. Complete all the laps and cross the finish line before all your competitors. You will need some awesome driving skills to win all eight levels! Have a great time!
SUV Driver Max

How good are your driving skills? Step behind the wheel of this SUV and find out yourself! Try to overcome all obstacles, collect all the stars and beat all the opponents. Good luck!
18 Wheeler Heavy Cargo

Get ready for a new truck challenge. If you like cargo truck games then this is the perfect game for you. Use arrow keys to balance and drive the heavy loaded truck and the cargo that you are caring to the finish line. Try to finish with the indicated number of objects in each level. There are 10 intense levels to test your skills.

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