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Farm Express 2
Civilizations Wa ...
Balls in Space
Jelly Go!

Winter Bride

Most people would have a wedding in summer but Bianca decided to marry her beloved soon-to-be husband in winter. She loves everything about the winter season and that\'s why she wanted to become a winter bride. Let\'s prepare Bianca for her special day, do her skincare and apply her make-up. The final step is choosing a stylish wedding dress for Bianca!
Sum Points: Levels Pack

Test your math and logic skills again! Forty-one new levels are waiting to be solved. Need more? Create your own with the level editor! The game objective is to set value of target tiles to zero by placing subtraction tiles in the right positions. Blue circles decrease the value of target tiles in diagonal directions while red squares subtract values in horizontal and vertical directions.
Slice the Box Level Pack

Slice the Box is a unique puzzle game involving cutting cardboard into amazing shapes. Cut off the excess to form exciting-thing-a, exciting-thing-b, exciting-thing-c, and more. You\'ll be limited by the number of slices you can make, the length of the slices, and where you can slice! These fun, mind-bending puzzles will have you cutting cardboard for days! Where exciting-thing-a/b/c are 3 different cool shapes/designs you can cut out. New levels start from 31 All old levels is opened Controls: Mouse Only. LMB - start line. RMB - start new segment.
Peppa Pig Space Adventure

Help Peppa Pig build a rocket for George. George wants to go to space, connect parts of a rocket and send him on his way!
Douchebag Workout

Some say women love muscular men. It may be a reason why a lot of men go to a gym. But the gym is not only about training, there is many of other mini games from seduction to drinking alcohol. Of course you can buy proteins for faster grow muscle and earlier success with women. Have fun.
Cubikill 6

Rick works for the same company for years now and has to tolerate his idiot co-worker Dave. Every day Dave makes Rick\'s life a nightmare! But Rick has enough of this all! Everything will else after today, Rick are going to retaliate, nobody is in the safe. Have fun.
Beach Club

Women want men who have few of basis things for happy life - the money, muscles, an expensive strong car and a big ... ehm... house. In this game we will be focusing on the muscles because muscles are sufficient base for first achievements in women. Start your training in a gym where are also girls in bikinis. I think, that they are great motivation to you. Can you get one of them? Or more? Good luck. Have fun.
Emma: A Friend At Hallows Eve

Emma is looking for a friend at Hallows Eve, our famous Halloween, to have fun with her finding the differences in this puzzle game. By comparison, find what is hidden and what is missing, not to mention the different colors, until concluding the whole kid story about her and the monster costume day.
Cozy Home Decor

Cozy home decoration is a tough job, worth the hard work once everything is ready and the decorator can relax afterwards in the living room. Choose the best furniture, without worrying about the economy and how much will be charged for every item added to it, for it will always fit the budget.
Halloween Spooky Pancakes

Halloween is here and with it comes the delicious food and dessert recipes especially meant for the date, like these spooky pancakes for breakfast. Assist the little girl who needs help cooking in the kitchen due to her very young age, learning which tool and decoration food to use to create the most perfect meal.

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