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The First Hero
Smiley War

Undead Throne

For too long the Draconian continent has stagnated under the shadow of the three Elder Dragons. The time has come or a new ruler who will bring order to the different creatures that reside within these lands. Rise forth and slay all who stand before you, and claim the throne that is rightfully yours. Use arrows to move, A to block, S to attack, D to use special skill, and 1 to 4 to select skill. Game Name: Undead Throne
The Last Stand: Union City

Union City is the last place to find a salvation for human race in this terrible war. Try to survive.Press A and D to move. Use E to search the trunk. Use A to take the objects. Press Tab to open your bag and equip your weapon. Game Name: The Last Stand: Union City

Survival is futile. The end has just begun. Kill all zombies and survive as long as possible. Collect crates with weapons and health. Use arrows to move and down arrow to pick up weapons and health. Press space bar to attack. Game Name: Zombocalypse

Use S to attack, A to jump, up arrow to move up, down arrow to move down, left arrow to move left and right arrow to move right. Press jump + attack to kick. Keep your eyes open for pick ups: health, more punch, more range and damage. Keep up orbs or points. Game Name: Grotembit
Bohun: Revenge

Ukraine, XVI-th century.Help Cossack Bohun to destroy the khan of the Crimean horde, Chuluk-Bey. Before starting, use points to upgrade melee power, spell power and stamina. Use arrow or WAD to move and 1, 2, 3 or click to attack. Game Name: Bohun: Revenge
Battle Beavers

Defeat the enemy beavers. Put the available points in the different skills: attack, defence, vitality, agility, luck and magic. Use equipment items. Unlock them as you level up. Use arrows to move, A to light attack, S to heavy attack, D to defend. You can make combos. Use 1 to 6 to use magic. Game Name: Battle Beavers
Yang Loong Legend 2

Use WASD to move player 1, J to attack and K to jump. To move player 2 use arrows, Num 1 to attack and Num 2 to jump. Use spells when available. Control your HP and energy bars. Collect items as peach, panax, green calabash, orange calabash, hint book, life book. Game Name: Yang Loong Legend 2
The Fighters II

Improve your martial art knowledge and your performances in order to be able to confront any fighters. Each time you win a fight you get experience points to upgrade your stamina, strength, ki, damage resistance, guarding or money. Use arrows to move, jump and crouch, C to punch, V to kick and X to high speed movement. Game Name: The Fighters II
Dragon Fist 3

Fight against the more difficult opponents. Use A and D to walk left and right, W to jump, S to block, T to punch, Y to kick, U to draw and throw weapon. Use different combinations of directions and attacks to perform different moves. Player 2 uses arrows to move, 4 to punch, 5 to kick and 6 to draw and throw weapons. Game Name: Dragon Fist 3. Age of the Warrior
3 Foot Ninja II

Use arrows to move, jump and flip, use A to spin slash, S to normal swing, D to downward slash. Control your health bar, stamina and invisibility meter. There are four pieces of the Golden Scarab to be found in the game. Find all of them for bonus at the end of the game. Press 1 to use stamina potions, 2 to health potions and 3 to invisibility potions. Game Name: 3 Foot Ninja II

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