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Ultimate Force 3
Playing with Fir ...
Swordless Ninja


Use arrow keys to move and space to attack. You can combine the keys to make other moves. The evil sorceror Drax has abducted the beautiful princess Mariana to satiate his nefarious desires. A powerful warrior is sought to vanquish Srax´s demonic guardians and free the princess. Your are that warrior. A mighty barbarian wielding your broadsword with deadly skill.
Stick Trinity

Fight against groups of ninjas in the different levels of this game. You can change your character usin the C key. Use the arrows to move, A to attack and S to make a mortal strike. In each level you will fight with ninjas and other powerful figthers.
Samurai Fight

Your master was the guest of honor at a dinner held by the three local religious leaders. He choked on his chicken and died. According to tradition, you must avenge his death. The three religious leaders will have to die. Use A to attack, S to jump, D to block and arrows to move.

Select the character that you want to represent and your opponent. Then choose a place to fight and the fight way, can be a deadly combat or a training session. Use the lefft and right arrows to move, up to jump and down arrow to block, 2 to jump kick, Q to high kick, A to low kick, W to high punch and S to low punch.
Virtual Ninja

Defeat all opponents and survive as long as you can. Move the cursor over the action nodes around the character to activate attacks and combos. Health represents your life total. The game ends if it goes down to zero. Stamina is what powers your character in this game. You need it to perform any action, attack or special move. Pick up the powers ups to increase your stamina level. If your stamina drops to zero, the cost of each action will be reflected on your health total instead.

Fight against different enemies in the most exotic places in the world. Use tha arrow keys to move and jump, the A key to attack. Pick up the guns in boxes and use them. Bombs are pusheable.
Ninja Riseout

Press the left and right arrow keys to move. Press up key to jump. If you hit a wall during a jump, you will automatically run up it. During a wallrun, press away from the wall to perform a backflip. Press the S key to attack. Press the down key to duck. The ninja can hide in bushes using this technique.
The year of the Snake

This is the year of the snake and the entire world is in war. Fight against the other ninjas and the monsters using your martial arts abilities. Press arrow keys to move. Press S to jump. Press A to attack.
Leyend of the Dragon Fist

The object of the game is to defeat 10 opponents that will get slightly harder each level. You can defeat them by using a combination of punches and kicks and your character´s special move. When your oppoentns life bar has completely disappeared, you have won. Left player controls: Block S, Move left A, Move right D, Jump W, Punch T, Kick Y. Right player controls: Block Down, Move left Left, Move right Right, Jump Up, Punch Num 4, Kick Num 5.
Fight Fight 2

Fight against your enemy using your muscular strength. Select a skin, a stage and pick a hardness level. Use S to punch, D to kick, A to block, Up arrow to Jump and Down arrow to duck.

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