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Micro Racers
Fat Warrior 2
The Gentleman. A ...

Kill the boss

The ultimate fighting stick game. Press A to kick, S to punch, W to jump, D to special movements, X to grab items, arrows to walk. When you select an item press S to use it.
Henry VIII: Dressed to kill

Henry VIII only fights the best. Prove yourself against his knights first. You face Shady Sir Nicholas Tricky Nicky Carew, master of the horse, his plots will be the death of him. Use arrows to move, crouch and jump and Z and X to attack.

You have a new chance to demonstrate your martial arts skills. Fight against your opponents in a far east landscape. Use arrows to move and P and arrows to make movements.
DadŽn Me

Dad teached his son the art of fighting against weak boys. Help him to look for the boys in the park and hit them. Use arrows to move around, A and S to hit. You can do combo attacks.

Your objective is to eliminate a large portion of the residents in this nursing home. The better you perform, the better you access level. You will receive elevator keys to new floors when you have demonstrated your ability by defeating a boss at door of each level. Kill old people for experience points and gain levels. When you gain levels, you get workout vouchers that can be used to improve your stats, such as strenghth, vitality, stamina and luck.
Sheeps of rage

Attack all the sheep in 3 levels, defeating each boss, to make the world safe again from the sheep pf rage. Use the arrow keys to move left, right, back and forward. Double tab the left and rigt keys to run. Use the space bar to attack, use the arrow keys for combo moves. Walk over the weapons and press space to pick up and use.
Drastic Plastic

Get ready for some button bashing mayhem as you take to the ring to become the champion. Earn money from bouts to fight bigger and meaner bots and purchase upgrades to power up. Press the A key or left arrow to throw left punches. Press the D key or right arrow to throw right punches. Press the S key, down arrow or space bar to dodge attacks.
Ivan Drago

America has lost itself to madness and anarchy. Only one person can restore order... Ivan Drago. As the most powerful boxer in universe, you must guide drago through the tough city streets and beyond to find out the source of all this chaos. Let no one stand in your way.
South Park: Jimmy vs Timmy

Jimmy and Timmy fom South Park have begun fighting. Select your character and fight. Use Z to punch, S to kick, X to block. Name: Cripple Fight

You are the mighty Achilles and must fight a final battle in Troy, only you against a large number of enemies. Use a combination of your spear and sword to defeat them. Controls: W jump, A D walk, S block/pick up spear, T swipe, Y kick. Block arrows with your shield by pressing S or down. Disable enemies temporarily by ckicking them. Spears are most effective when thrown. Revisit earlier levels to get more lives for later on.

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