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Angry Birds
Go Go Gummo. Dow ...
Monster Land 2. ...

Mafia. The Revenge

Revenge your boss in the streets fighting against other mafia guys. Select a character from the list. Use arrows to move, S to shoot, A to use Knife and R to reload.

Fight together with Thug against the gangs that frequent the dangerous streets of the city. You will have to beat every opponent to move forward and fight against others. Use arrow keys to move, A to shoot, S to melee, D to jump.

The world as we know it ended 600 years ago in an unknown cataclysm. The survivors stayed in deep underground shelters. Others fled into areas left untouched by the cataclysm, and live in the wild. Some people that were caught in the cataclysm mutated in body and mind. Try to survive fighting in the arena.
Chaos Faction 2

Use arrows to move left and right and to jump and shield. Use Z and X to attack 1 and 2. Press D to drop weapon. Hit other players 5 times without being hit to get rage. You can now perform a super powerful rage attack by pressing Z or X. While jumping press Z to uppercut, X to backflip kick. You can perform another special movements.
Halloween Beatdown

Use 1 to 4 to select skills. A to block, S to special skill, D to attack and arrows to move. Do not let the health reach zero. Keep the energy to execute special moves. There is no objective. Just kill everything.
Kung Fu Fight

Defeat your opponents in this Kung Fu fighting game. Use up arrow to jump, left and right arrows to move, down arrow to crouch, A to punch and S to kick.
Super Smash Flash

Select 1 player or 2 players. Player 1 uses arrows to move, O to jump and P to attack, player 2 uses WASD to move, G to jump, F to attack. Fight against famous characters just as Pikachu, Megaman, Sonic, Mario, Kirby, etc.
Gates Vs Jobs

Choose your player between this two computers genius and start to fight. Just move your mouse around to attack. Use arrow keys to walk. You can make special attacks using A and B arrows. Name of the Game: Gates Vs Jobs the game
Avatar Arena

Create your own character and challenge the worlds best benders. Use space bar, down down and spacebar, up down and spacebar to attack. To defense use back, back and spacebar or down, back and space bar or down, back and space bar. To chi attack hold down, and repeatedly press space bar to fill the chi bar.
Muay Thai 2

Fight in this thai combat. Use Z to block, X to punch, C to kick, arrows to move and down arrow to duck. Make combos using arrow and X or C.

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