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Oh Snow!
Ultimate Chess
Downhill Jam
Space is the Key

Achievement Unlocked

Who needs gameplay when you have ACHIEVEMENTS? Don\'t worry about beating levels, finding ways to kill enemies, or beating the final boss... there are none. Focus solely on your ultimate destiny... doing random tasks that have nothing to do with anything. Metagame yourself with ease! Self-satisfaction never felt so... artificial! Use the arrow keys... if you dare.
Super Karoshi

Why are we always avoiding the spikes and trying to reach \"the exit\"? Boring, I say. In Karoshi, the goal is to die. This time you\'ll be able to turn into Super Karoshi and help others (kill themselves). Around 60 stages. Have fun! Arrow keys, R to restart.
That Red Button

Help a small robot to prove his value and to be more than a prototype, adventuring through scrap heap and high-tech labs. Open doors, avoid traps and obstacles, not to mention using his copy and paste ability to steal abilities. Also, watch out for that red button, which baptized this skill game.
Ben 10 in Mario World

Ben 10 was sucked by a vortex and ended up in Mario World, thanks to a new alien technology, where he will have to fight monsters.
Famous Paintings Parodies About Women

Discover to which real masterwork these famous paintings parodies about women, especially when they come with cats, belong to. It’s important to know exactly who was responsible for it, the artist who painted, as well as the name of the work itself, that not always is easy to be guessed.
Serious Dave

Dave is serious about his nightmare, for it proved to be true and a terrible evil plan he is responsible to defeat as the story’s hero. With the ability of jumping up and down platforms, dodging enemies until he can finally use a weapon to protect himself in this long run, he counts with your help.
Dino Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Age

Two-player game Dino Ice Age 3 where a dinosaur and his son continues to survive the most challenging climate change in planet Earth. It’s the dawn of the dinos age and they want to survive and continue to reproduce, conquering these lands once again with their kind. First, they need food and a cave.
Frankenbob Night

Frankenbob is a Halloween’s night version of Spongebob, especially created for a haunted platform adventure with many enemies and candies. Help him to feed himself with the delicious sweets in the tricks or treats night, surviving the attacks that might occur with so many monsters out there in the streets of Bikini Bottom.

Kastle is about a funny little man jumping over obstacles, avoiding traps and saws and running endlessly until finding death in this castle. It’s been built to keep any invaders away, but going back with a deadly wall approaching from behind is impossible, so he has no other option but running forward searching for an exit that might not exist.
Tip at the hospital

The bubble adventure was amazing both for Tip and OH, but near the end Tip\'s bubble blew up. This is why now Tip is at the hospital and needs your help. Treat all her injuries, clean and disinfect all her wounds and be her personal doctor. Good luck! Use Mouse to play.

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