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Rich Mine 2
The Fancy Pants ...
UFO Mission
Gang Blast

Miami Shark

Control shark with arrow keys, bite with Ctrl or V. To make superjump dive deep and then come up fast. Jump on boats and things to break them. Try to bite aircrafts and pull them down into the water.
Bubba time

Use the arrows to move Bubba. Push the lever to open the exit doors. While standing in front of the doors press up to go to another room. Use the Esc key to open to the menu. Press the Z to place and extract the pink blocks. Hit the blocks from below to break them. Use X to bend time.
Mario Bros 3

Mario have to dodge bad guys and get to the end of each level to save his brother.
Wake up

All is very simple. You need to wake up them all (hit with spacebar), and go to bed. Avoid ghosts, they hampers you to complete level (lulls little men). Sometimes at level you can find an alarm clock (it will increase game time).

Get to the exit. Destroy baddies. Collect points and power ups.
Ant City

Use your giant magnifying glass to look at the people. Hold down the mouse button to focus the beam.
The rise of the pirates

Select your character. Your position is the white ship, the red point is your current target. You can move your ship clicking on the map. While moving through the map you can be attacked by the enemies. You can use your mouse to control the ship. Click to destination to move. Press button down and move cursor to the target to shoot. Arrow shows you shooting direction. If you see the arrow became red you can not shoot in that direction. Move close to an enemy ship to board it. The red arrow guides you to enemies. There are dangerous sea monsters.
Tank in action

Drive your tank in enemy territory. Use D to move right, A to move left, W to lean right, S to lean left or arrows. Use mouse to aim and shoot.

Elastoman may save kidnapped citizens across the city. You primary objective is to bounce your way around the city saving the tied up people. The people can be seen as yellow dots in your crime fighting map. Once you save all the people, bounce your way to the rescue helicopter. Watch out for criminals. Click, drag and release mouse to move elastoman
Blood Bath Bay

On the surface, its a zombie uprising. The dead have risen from their graves and began feasting on the flesh of the living. Scientists have discovered a species of snail that produces genetic material that can be used to create an antidote to cure the zombie infection. Your mission is to dive to the bottom of the bay and collect the required 35 snails needed to cure the world. Move with the arrow keys. Double jump by pressing up twice. A attacks with the knife. S attacks with the speargun. Collect snails when you see them. Pick up weapons and spears.

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