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Loony Box

Ben 10: Critical Impact

A meteor shower is threatening the Earth. Use Heatblast to destroy the meteors before they hit the ground. Create chain reactions for extra points. But watch out for obstacles. Use Ghostfreak to phase through barriers. Use arrows to move, Z to transform into Hetblast and X to transform into Ghostfreak, spacebar to fire.
The Gangsta Bean

Use arrows keys to move. Space to shoot. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 to change weapons. Z, X, C, V: assists. Use the knife to run, holding a gun will slow you down. The different assist buttons (c,x,c,v) all do different assists, each one has its special uses. All bosses have a pattern. Watch out for your own grenades, they can kill you too. Hold down and shoot in the air to shoot downwards. Crouches reduces your chances of getting hit. Picking up a weapon automatically switches your primary gun.
Spider-Man Dark Side

Join Spider-Man in his dark side to ride the skies of the town. You must throw his rope spider web to various objects in the air. You will have to throw the spider web to a new object before you fall. To aim and throw the rope to an object use the mouse.
Tim Robot

Walk this dangerous platforms with Tim Robot. You will have to pick up the coins that appear on the road as you shoot all the enemies and dangers. You can use the teleporters to move to other sites by pressing the space bar as long as they are operational. Use WASD to move around and mouse to shoot.
Final Ninja

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move through the game. Use left and right or A and D to run. Press up or W to jump up. Click with the mouse to throw a ninja star to kill enemies. Click and hold to shoot out a rope you can swing from and climb up with. When hanging from the rope, use up or W to climb up, and down or S to climb down. Use the left and right or A and D to swing each way. You will automatically jump up when you get to the top of your rope. Use this ability to climb up ledges and tall buildings. Press towards a wall when falling to begin a wall slide. Then press away from the wall to do a wall jump. Hold the down arrow key or S to enter stealth mode. Use your invisibility to sneak past enemies and trip wires. You cannot stealth while the alarm is active or when hurt.
Thing Thing 4

The prototype was a trouble and now you are in a mess. You were created as an experiment to get a better weapon. A couple of days before you was in your cell waiting for the results of muscle enhancers, behavioural suppressants, mind control, genetic purification. Then you escaped and face the real world.
Brutal Metal Slug 2

Use A to shoot, S to jump, D to grenade, left and right arrows to move and up and down arrow to aim up and down.
Robin the Archer in Pixeland

Help Robin the Archer to complete all the levels. Shoot the enemies to kill them. Collect coins in your way. Take the magic star in each level if you can. Use A to move left and D to move right. Use W to aim up and S to aim down. Use J to shoot and K to jump.
Smiley War

Smiley War is a platformer shooting game. You will have to move around in a 2D world. To do so, the controls are A, move left, D, move right, W, jump, E, show score board. To use a weapon press 1-8. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Earn Xp points by completing challenges to unlock things.
Platform Combat

Complete a series of levels and learn to use the weapons. Find and go through the exit on each level to progress to the next. Use WASD to move and mouse to shoot.

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