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Bucketball 2
Speedplay World ...
Crazy Over Goo

Ownage Burst

The city is in a permanent war state. You must survive and destroy all enemies in the streets and buildings. Protect yourself behind any car or another thing that you can use as a barricade. Use WASD or arrows to move and to lateral jump, space to throw grenades and mouse to aim and shoot.
Super Mario Flash

Select your character in this adventure and start to play. In world map you can use arrows to move and space to select. Then use arrows to move in the game. Collect coins, avoid enemies or jump over them.
Thunder Devil

K y S are two humans with special powers. One day the aliens invade earth and they are the selected to save the planet. Select one of the characters, the boy or the girl. Use WASD to move, J to kick, K to power, L to jump. S+D+J to skill 1, S+D+J to skill 2

Use the left and right arrow keys to move. You can also use the A and D keys to move. Hold the down arrow to press the ground further in. Release it to launch yourself. You gain the most speed if you launch yourself form the middle of the pit that you created. The bigger your speed the more damage you will deal to your enemies.
William and Sly

The Runestones than William use to teleport to the old storage cave were deactivated for some reason and you must turn them back. You need to gather fairyflies and collect keys. Use arrows to move and jump.
Zombies in the Shadows: 20 minutes to die

Stop the zombie invasion. Use WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot, C to bash in brawl, X or WASD to jump the barricades, F to place or throw devices, R to reload weapon, spacebar to open inventory, Z to use the IR visor, Q to repair barricades and to stoke campfire, 1 to switch guns, 2 to switch rifles, 3 to switch launchers, E to switch devices.
How to raise a Dragon

Learn everything about how to raise a dragon. Capture him in the woods and see him grow. Use arrow keys to move, down and Z to jump down, Z to jump, X to bite, C to breath.

Try to recover the golden lizard and save the universe. Use WASD or arrows to move, W or up arrow to jump, R to reload, mouse to aim and shoot.
Super Bandit Bros

The objective of the game is to earn enough cash on each stage to advance to the next level. Cash can be earned by collecting coins or by picking up objects you find like the koopa shell and bringing them to the start of the stage to your stash where it will be traded for money. At the end of each level there is an exit sign. If you have earned the target cash you can pass to the next level. Use arrows to move, space to jump and down arrow to pick up or drop an object.
Pixel Mission

Your name is Astronaut Al, you are in a mission. You must save some soldiers in a platform and return to the ship. Use left and right arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump and space bar to shoot. Shoot the doors to open them. Try to enter the ship before it is too late.

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