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Jelly Go!
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Swordless Ninja

Mabushi, the young ninja was in love with Miyuki, the prettiest girl in town, but the evil Gorbazaki was too and he kidnapped Miyuki. Try to find and free her. Use arrows or WASD to move, Z or K to jump, X or L to grab and throw.
Moby Dick

You are a big white whale and you are always hungry. Eat everything that moves, either fish or birds. From time to time you will need to swim to the surface and take a breath. Hit all human ships and make them sink. Survive as long as you can. Avoid the nets, harpoons and cannon balls. Get all the bonuses and watch your health, air and hunger levels. Move the whale with your mouse and click to use your boost.
Kill Christmas

Use arrows to move the killer clown. Use down arrow to duck or aim down, A to shoot, S to jump, up arrow to aim up and down arrow and S to go down.
Gravitee Wars

You play as the red team. Kill all of the other units to win. Take turns shooting until only one team remains. The arrow shows whose turn it is. Click and drag to aim. The blue line shows where your shot will go. Release to fire. You can cancel your shot by putting the mouse back over the aiming unit and releasing the button. Use arrows or IJKL to move player and WASD to move camera.
Dragon Boy

Raise the egg and make it grow to aid you in battle. You must feed it in your inventory. Use WASD or arrows to move and mouse to attack and I to open Inventory. You friend Arazec will help you in battle too.
Master of the Secret Sea

Navigate the Secret Sea conquering everything that you find. Use arrows to control your ship. Your sheep speed depends of number of your crews. Press map button to search ports. Get gold trading. Attack the near ships if you want. You can also find a treasure.
Bean Fiend

Collect beans. You cannot slim, so when the water goes up you must climb over the plant. Use WASD or arrows to move and jump.

Use WASD or arrow keys to control your character. Press W or up while in the air allows you to double jump. Use the mouse to aim around your character and click the left mouse button to fire. You can press a number to select a specific gun, or you can use Q and E, or Enter and Shift to switch weapons.
Kill your Nerves

Use mouse to move the character. Press left mouse button to jump or rebound. You can re run a completed level to improve your score.

Press arrows to move. To open door activate the switch by running through it. To get the next room activate the sensor by stepping on it. The Sensor activates when indicator shows zero. When you see buttons, step on one of them to activate it. The button remains active while you stand on it. Continue to stand on the button and press space to end the turn and start playing for the next team member.

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