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Electric Joint
Angry Birds
Star Island

Get Off my Lawn

Run enemies with your lawnmower to prevent them destroy your lawn. Use mouse to move over the screen. If you have enough power, you can use a special attack, by holding down the mouse button. Earn cash killing enemies and upgrade your mower.
Hurry Up Bob !

Escape from the flow of magma. Use arrows to move Bob. Press space if you have the ace to attack. Press M to toggle map. Pick up hearths to get health. Use axe to attack. There are another pick ups to make Bob invincible, to fly and to freeze time.

Your family has a secret for generations. There is a hidden treasure in the depths of the earth. Now that secret was entrusted to you. If you can reach the treasure is yours. You will have to delve into unknown and dangerous territory looking for the gems and other treasures. Press the arrow keys to move and X to jump.
Megaman Zero Alpha

Help Megaman to complete the mission reaching the end of the game. Use A and D to move, W to go up and S to go down, F to attack, G to jump, R to dash and T to secondary.

Help D-403 to complete his mission. Shoot the stones using S. The land is filled with mutated blobs of radioactive goo. Collect bombs to refill your gun. Press A to throw them. Use arrows to move and jump. Collect rays to refill your energy. Collect the power up to activate a force field for a moment.

Your girlfriend has been kidnapped. Go to the forest and try to rescue her. Press arrows or A and D to walk, and up, W, N, Y, Z to jump. Hit the bottom of ! boxes to reveal what is inside. Do not let the enemies get you, jump on their heads.. Press X, M or space to use an item ability
299: The Last Spartan

Press A to attack your spear. Press S to use your shield. Use arrow keys to walk. Tap two times arrow keys to run. Try special moves like back A for a back kick.
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

After a long journey, the prince arrives at his brother palace only to find it in chaos. Try to get your brother fast. Use up arrow to jump, down arrow to rewind and space bar to attack.
Megaman X RPG Chapter 1

You have tracked Dynamo to somewhere within the vicinity of this town. He is not getting away this time. Use Arrow keys to move and space bar to jump.
Commando 2

Complete this risky mission into the jungle. Use W to jump, S to crouch, A to move left, D to move right, Q to select previous weapon and E to select next weapon.

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