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No Time to Explain

Fight your enemies who command huge mechanical crabs. Walk in the different places using the arrow keys or WASD to move and jump. Use the mouse to aim and fire your weapon. Shoot at the ground to get higher places when you jump.
Ninja Plus

Collect all coins as quickly as you can. Avoid and defeat the enemies. Aim with the mouse to fire rope. Use WAD to move and Space to shoot kunai. Hold in the direction of a wall when against it until you start sliding. You can use your rope or kunais. Jump key while wall sliding. Game´s Name: Ninja +

Use arrows or WASD to move your character. Collect 10 repair kits to fix your ship. Use the save points to progress in the game. Press M to open the map. Collect items with different skills.
Tom the Hero

Make the cat jump and collect the dollars, pots and other icons to earn points. You can get bonus points by jumping on the ladybug. Hitting the ladybugs and falling from the platform, you lose a life. Finish the level before the time runs out. Complete all the levels to win the game. Use arrows to move and space to jump.

The purposes of the game are to grow and evolve, gathering food and killing enemies. Before you start, you must spend first DNA points, in the evolution editor, on ability you prefer.
Fish N Prey

Make your fish eat all other to earn score. Avoid fishes or your fish will be its prey and lose a life. Eating the octopus will save your fish life for a while. Your fish grows up after every level.
Zombie Bites

Use arrow keys to move, up or X to jump, and Space or C to feed. Eat human brains and do not let that the energy bar reaches zero or the game will finish.
City Siege

The City has been taken over by a hostile army. Control the home guard to destroy the baddies and reclaim the streets. Click on a unit to select it. Use arrows or WASD to control de unit. Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot. Baddies will only fire at you if they can see you. Collect stars to upgrade your troops. Loss of civilian life will represent cash penalties. Vips must be saved to complete the mission. Some objects explode.
Rice Attack

Enter the jungle to complete the mission. First select the genre of the soldier. Use A and D to walk, W to aim up and S to aim down and crouch. Press J to shoot, K to jump and L to throw grenades.
Mushroom Madness 2

Defend mushroom glades from hungry animals. Use left button to attack. Hold left button to hit stronger. Collect coins, they can be used to buy and upgrade weapons. You can use a great arsenal against the thieves. Open crates to obtain useful items. Watch out for the bears and other animals.

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