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King´s Game
Nano Ninja

Pestilence Z

Fight the cannibal zombies that attack the city. Select a character and move him or her using the tools in the menu. You can search for objects and shoot your enemies when they are on your area.
Black Beacks: Treasure Cove

You must run, jump, and fly from level to level while avoiding enemies and hazards. At the end of every level is a bottled message which Black Beak has left. It contains a clue to where Toucan must go. Use arrows to move, duck and fly and space to jump. Collect items and tresures.
Fantasy XF

The young queen had a dream and requested your presence in the castle immediately. Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys to move, and the Up Arrow to jump. The Down Arrow talks to people, enters doorways, and other interactions, and the X Key attacks with your current weapon. Press the Space Bar to pause the game and open the status window, where you can see your stats and change your currently equipped weapon by pressing the letter shown next to your choice. Game´s Name: Fantasy XF II
Builders Brawl

Being a construction Worker is not just about building stuff. Destroy the enemy workers. Press left and right arrows to move around. Press WASD to move camera around. Open weapons panel and select one. Up and down to select angle and space for power. Release to fire. Press and hold B to jump over obstacles like mines.
Hometown Hero

Create your own arcade, you can select a background, a hero, goal, design the level adding walls and floors, hazards and objects.
Mr. Fat Snake

Play using arrow keys up and down. Avoid blocks. Fly close to them for bonus multiplier. Eat monsters. Eat 7 monsters in a row for bonus points. Eat mushrooms to turn everything into food.
3000 AC

By the third millennium, the human race has expanded beyond earth s solar system. At the frontier of this expansion, clans and warlords wage war against each other for control of natural resources. Use WASD to move. Use Shift to vent Exhaust, mouse to fire and space to fire shoulder weapon.
Drake and the Wizards 3

Nestled in the heart of the ancient Eildrim Forest was a village called Daruilay. The Daruilayans lived in quiet harmony with the forest and its creatures. But the peace ended when the dark wizard ensalved the forest creatures. The wizard absorbed the magical energy of the villagers, turning them to stone. Only survived the young villager Drake. Now he must fight against the dark wizard transformed into a dragon.
Prehistoric Downfall

Use arrow keys to move around and spacebar or up to jump. Jump on enemies or press A near them to destroy them. Press S to pick up skulls and other objects, and S again to throw them at enemies. Hold the down arrow key to grind down hills. Jump on top of springs to launch yourself into the air
The Visitor. Massacre at Camp Happy

It is a great night to watch the meteor showers. A visitor come in one meteor and now you must help him to eat all the animals and humans to grow up. Use arrows to move and space to eat.

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