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Coal Express 4
Control Gravity ...
Tractor Mania
Crush the castle

Global Rescue

Wipe out enemy defence systems and successfully rescue all hostages. Time is of the essence, so the faster you evacuate hostages, the more points you will gain. You are restricted to carrying just 5 passengers at a time. Game´s Name: Global Rescue
Boundaries of Truth

Five days without sleep in series and you begin to ask yourself about the reason you could not fall asleep. You heard about a legend that can make you sleep again. Use arrows to walk, S to jump, M and N to mute. Game´s Name: Boundaries of Truth Part 1: Lucid Dreaming
Mario Tower Coins

Collect the coins to pass to the next level. Use the arrow keys to move the spacebar to jump.
OOzing Forever

Help OOze or OOzing to escape the lab. Use mouse to move. Point above you and click to jump. Gather ooze to jump higher. Wait for the cursor circle to turn green before jumping again. Light evaporates Ooze. Bash into enemies as hard as you can. Roll into power sources. Hold down mouse before jumping for better control.
Providence: the ultimate mech unit

Use mouse to move and let button to attack. Press Z or X to select weapon. Clear the mine fields and eradicate intruders.
Armor Hero Flight Action

You will have to fly through the air with your special armor eliminating all enemies that will attack from all sides in the sky. Also they will be waiting you on the ground with missiles ready to attack. Use the mouse to move through space and the mouse button to shoot. You can drop bombs by pressing the spacebar. Try not to crash with enemies because both will be destroyed.
Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns

“From human to cactus then finally stone. The curse will continue, until it is home” Said to you Popoca, who was cursed too by the sacred Thorned Emerald. At sunrise, follow that path to the next piece of map, which will lead you to the jewel´s proper home. Use arrows to move, A to jump, A and down arrow to drop down.
Hearth Trail

Find your way towards your love. Use arrow keys to move and space bar to jump. Collect all the hearts in your way to proceed to the next level. Avoid the devils, bats and snakes. Angels will give you extra life.
Crystal Crisis

Collect all the crystals around the screens. Use WASD or arrows and space to move. Walk over the yellow platforms, they are safe, blue ones are conveyor belts. Watch out spiked, purple and red platforms. Climb ladders and jump platforms.
Mercenary Soldiers III

Before starting a new battle you need to acquire some items for you, your troops and to your base. The objective is not to destroy the enemies base, is only to survive their attacks. Use arrow keys or WASD to control your character. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Hold the let mouse to keep firing. Use Q to change weapon, Esc to open menu and H to open instructions.

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