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The Slugs

You are a predatory slug and your goal is to vanquish all other slug on the level by absorbing them. The slugs differ from each other and have different masses and abilities. You can absorb green slugs of any size, yellow slugs only if you are bigger. You lose the mass when absorbing red slugs and you will die if you touch purple slugs. Click to launch string of slime to swing here and there, arrow keys or WASD to move and control the swinging. You will get more tips during the gameplay. Game´s Name: The Slugs
Go Go Gummo. Down in the Dumps

Swing, sling, fling, float and roll your way through trashy levels of sticky flicky, gummy fun with Gummo the wad o gum. Use WASD or arrows to move and space bar to open unlocked doors. The goal of the game is to get the indicated number of keys. Game´s Name: Go Go Gummo. Down in the Dumps
Cat Grim

Help the Cat to complete this adventure. Use WASD to move, jump and air dive, K to run and L to fade. You can also use arrow keys. When wall jumping between walls just press W, you do not need to hold A or D. Game´s Name: Cat Grim
Little Dog

Help the dog to collect all the bones in each level. Avoid falling into the holes or get touched by any of the snails because you will lose a life. Press the arrow keys to move and jump and spacebar to shoot your enemies. Game´s Name: Little Dog
Epic Battle Fantasy 3.3 Bullet Heaven

Use arrows or mouse to dodge enemy bullets. Press shift to slow down movement for tight situations, Z or left click to use main weapon, X or double click to use sub weapon, a slower but more powerful attack. Collect power ups like money, sword, shield, and hearts. Game´s Name: Epic Battle Fantasy 3.3 Bullet Heaven
Epic Charlie

Although unfairly accused by the villagers, it is your duty to protect them. Stop evil Maguen. Use arrows to move, S to jump, D to shoot. Press arrows to wall to wall jumping while climbing. Get close to the wall and press left or right arrow plus S to climb walls. Game´s Name: Epic Charlie
Under Construction!

You were walking around the city and suddenly the floor was broken and you fell into the hole. Now you have to find a way out from the building looking for the keys in each place. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Activate the elevator buttons. Game´s Name: Under Construction!
Little Liquidator

The fish of the sea are mad at you. This loveable little squid just spayed acid ink on the face of a cute little fish. Try to survive. Use mouse to move and left button to shoot ink. Game´s Name: Little Liquidator
Dino Run

Dino is a young dinosaur that lives just when the great catastrophe that will end with them is happening. You will have to help him running while eating smaller animals and other things. You will also need to avoid larger dinosaurs, wasps and more. Use the arrow keys to run, duck and jump. Game´s Name: Dino Run. Marathon of Doom
Boxhead Bounty Hunter

Move around the city fighting against your enemies. Use arrow keys or WASD to move your character. Hold Shift to strafe. Use space bar to fire your current weapon. Defeat other players before they defeat you. Defeated players drop crates, pick them up for extra cash and bounty points. Game´s Name: Boxhead Bounty Hunter

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