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Out of Wind
Roly-Poly Cannon ...
Heat Rush USA

Clash of the Olympians

Select an olympian hero, Heracles, Achilles or Perseus. Your goal is to defend the temple against the hordes of evil creatures. Use the mouse to aim. Click and hold to build up power. Release to fire. If temple health reaches 0 it will be destroyed. Get bonus awards: first blood, protector, flag master. Game´s Name: Clash of the Olympians
Tomb of Anubis

Take a photograph of Anubis but be careful, his army of mummies are trying to stop you. Use the arrow keys to control your character and hit spacebar to take a photograph. Take pictures of the mummies to turn them into photos and collect the photos to complete each level. Anubis doesn´t like his picture being taken, watch out for the hazards that need to be avoided. Game´s Name: Tomb of Anubis
Kids War

Wait until power guage is full before unleashing elephants. Send as many elephants as you can to your enemy´s camp. Reach the target score to win or get the higher score when time is up. Get power up items for powerful elephants. Use W and S to move up and down and D to run elephants for player 1 and arrows for player 2. Game´s Name: Kids War
Towering Forever

Defend the tree of life from the invading robots by building defensive towers or bashing them to bits. Use arrows to move and jump, left mouse button to attack and let mouse button and up arrow to launch and down to pound. Towers can be upgraded three times. Game´s Name: Towering Forever

Press the action (space, Z or V) to start. Select space station or laboratory levels. Try to escape from the disasters and solve all the problems. Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Press action to flip. Press enter to activate terminals. Game´s Name: VVVVVV
Rasta Gran

Use left and right to walk and up to open doors. Collect skins for extra points. Jump on the thugs to transform them into good citizens. Jump on manholes to bounce really high. Press and hold up or down to climb ladders. Reach the mammoth to activate checkpoint. Collect the heart or extra life. Collect all the weed and go to the police station to complete the level. Game´s Name: Rasta Gran
Paranormal Shark Activity

Move with left and right arrow keys. Press space bar to jump. When you acquire a bomb press up arrow key to throw the bomb at the shark. Grass platforms makes you stick to it. Keep pressing the space bar rapidly to escape. Game´s Name: Paranormal Shark Activity
Fortune Hunter

Enter Anubis tomb to get the fortune. Use arrows to move, space bar to jump, the longer you hold space bar, the higher you will go. Press up arrow to enter the doors, down arrows to crouch. Watch out mummies. Jump on enemies to crush them. Game´s Name: Fortune Hunter: Wrath of Anubis
Metal Chaos

Move around the passages and kill all enemy robots. Use WASD to move and mouse to shoot. Select a character and your team. You can play in several battle modes. Choose the weapons that you can buy to get more destruction power. Game´s Name: Metal Chaos
Friggin Bugs

Shoot all the evil bugs before they reach the hive and destroy all the eggs. Don´t let your health bar reach 0 or it is game over. Use A and D to move, mouse to shoot and spacebar to eat. Game´s Name: Friggin Bugs

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