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The Unfortunate ...
Monkey Go Happy
Flaming Zoomboka

Pokemon Center Defense

The Team rocket pokemon have entered the pokemon center, where all the good pokemon are kept. Pikachu and his partners would have to defeat all the bad pokemon in order to save the pokemon center. Click on pokemon to move and get to the bad pokemon. Control: use mouse to play.
Killer Z\'s

Killer Z\'s finds Mordecai fighting mixed-up enemies in a strange dream world. When Mordecai falls asleep while playing video games, he gets trapped in a game-like dream filled with bad guys that are bizarre versions of his friends. Luckily, he has Pops and Margaret to guide him, but he\'ll need to level up, unlock upgrades and learn new skills if he wants to make it to the end. And if he doesn\'t beat the final boss battle, he might never wake up from his dream! Help Mordecai face magic and mayhem as he battles to escape the dream world.
Panda Honey Adventures

Thereby to find Help the cute panda in the email thinking game \"Panda Honey Adventure\" the output and collect the pots full of honey. The game is played with the keyboard. Give the arrow keys to the direction and go there the Panda will roll until it hits an obstacle. Click finally on \"Submit Score\" to save your high score. Arrow keys to move.
The Cubic Monkey Adventures 2

Get ready for a whole new adventure! The Cubic Monkey Adventures 2 is an exciting action-arcade game in which your main objective is to collect delicious fruits that will appear throughout the game stage. You will also have to avoid getting hit by coconuts that will appear from both sides of the screen. Use the fruits that you gathered to purchase new cool skins from the shop (Press \'S\' Key to open up the shop). \'LEFT\'/\'RIGHT\' to move. - \'UP\'/\'SPACE\' to jump. - \'S\' for shop. - \'P\' to pause. - \'M\' for menu.
Shadow Sync

You and your dark shadow want to make it to the end of the level. Your shadow movement mirrors your actions. Along the way press buttons, pick up light orbs, and maneuver around enemies. Try not to die. Beat your previous times. This is a puzzle-platformer with 16 levels. Try to get all 3 stars for each level. Arrow Keys or WASD DOWN/S to pickup or drop orbs.
Saving Little Alien

Somewhere at a certain planet, little aliens was living there. They live peacefully before evil aliens invade and keep trying to exterminate them. In their attempt to survive, little aliens activate the magic pen to protect themselves from evil aliens attack. Instruction: Click and drag the mouse on the drawing area to draw. Protect the little aliens with your drawing. Click and drag the mouse on the drawing area to draw. Protect the little aliens with your drawing.
Tower Tough

Get ready for a tough mission, in which you must free some innocent people who are held captive in a huge tower. To rescue them you must find your way through the giant building while collecting treasures and killing enemies. Are you able to clear all floors of this fancy platform game Tower Tough!
Chameleon Quest

The chameleon kingdom has fallen into the grasp of a tyrant. Legend speaks of a mighty hero who could vanquish the guardians of the elemental orbs, tame their powers, and restore peace to the kingdom. Armed with only your wits and your tongue, you set out on your quest. Venture forth and save your homeland! Use the arrows keys to move around, up to jump, space to do an action (sticking out your tongue), c to change to a new element, and x to drop an element.
Rapunzel\'s Bicycle

Rapunzel loves to travel with her bicycle so much! Today while she was on her way to meet Flynn, she hit the ditch and broke her bicycle! She has to meet Flynn in a short time. Can you help her fix her bike?
Tower of Kanthor

Tower of Kanthor is a cool jump and run platform game. Help the pixel hero to battle his way through the fortress. Attack enemies and collect coins to purchase mighty upgrades. Its your option to reach the top of the tower to defeat the evil leader at the end.

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