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Secret Mission

Select your soldier and complete a secret mission in enemy territory. Eliminate all the enemies. Use arrows to move, S to shoot, A to use knife and R to reload your weapon. Game Name: Secret Mission
Death Worm

Kill 10 animals and people to pass to the next level. Use arrow keys to move and jump above the ground. Eat animals and humans and explode vehicles to progress. Buy upgrades like nitro to get more accuracy and effectiveness. Game Name: Death Worm
Ben 10 in Mario World

Walk over Mario´s World with Ben 10, in a new adventure in this classic place that Ben 10 is visiting right now. Destroy your enemies jumping over them or shoot them. Avoid falling in the holes. Use arrows to move, X to jump, Z to fire and P to pause the game. Game Name: Ben 10 in Mario World

Play using spacebar to fire (hold down to fire). Use arrow keys to move around, up arrow key to jump. Turn all your enemies into ice balls. Push them. Press space bar to push. Game Name: Jackice

Visit a dream space with very nice graphics to help the character to advance in the story. Talk to characters (in English). Click on answers to continue. Use arrow keys to move and jump. Game Name: Coma
Twin Shoot 2

Use WASD and space to move and shoot and arrows and F to move and shoot player 1 and 2. Try shooting arrows into walls and them jump onto them. You can´t jump up through blue rock but try jumping down bellow. You can´t climb metal walls so you have to find another way up. Game´s Name: Twin Shoot 2. Good and Evil
Fire and Frost

Go to the Ice Planet to get some diamonds. Catch the stars and gain extra points. Each level has 3 stars. Use arrows to move, X to fly and C to fire. Melt the snow blocks with your flamethrower. Push the colored red blocks and collide them with each other. This create a diamond. Do not forget about the timer. Game Name: Fire and Frost

Use arrows to jump and walk and arrows and A to run. Hold up arrow longer to jump higher. Some of objects can be moved. Press S to enter doors. Click X to exit the levels. When you run you can jump for longer distances. Grab all the stars. Hold S to catch the levers and move them. Press S plus arrows to pull objects. Game´s Name: Ozee
Attack of the Heavenly Bats

You are a peddler man. Pick up all the money in the platforms and avoid the dogs. Get the rocks to have a defense weapon. Use arrows to move, Z to jump and X to throw rocks. Game´s Name: The Peddler Man in… Attack of the Heavenly Bats
Whindy in the Caves

Use A, D or left and right arrows to move left and right. Use Z or K to charge invincibility. Use X or L to jump. Use down arrow or S to look below and up arrow or W to enter door. Press space to activate invincibility. Collect flowers, coins and hearts. Game´s Name: Whindy in the Caves

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