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House of Dead Ninjas

It is said that a long time ago a lone, one-armed ninja traversed the enigmatic Ziggurat of Infinum, a tower so impenetrable that it could only be entered from far above. He braved his way through the tricks and traps of the tower and unflinchingly made his way towards the base. Use arrows to run, jump (two times double jump) and crouch, Z to use your sword, X to shuriken and C to throw bombs. Game Name: House of Dead Ninjas

They had build EB2. The perfect weapon. The fastest robot, the most powerful and strongest robot. He was programmed to destroy, he was programmed to kill. But they don´t know something. EB2 doesn´t need anymore and now he wants to escape from those who created it. Use arrows to move and jump. Use the mouse to destroy enemies. Game Name: EB2
Voltometer Recharged

Through each level with the small Voltometer avoiding him from biting spiders, falling in holes or on places of melted metal. Collect the balls of electricity to recharge. Use arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump. Game Name: Voltometer Recharged
Music Puppy

Jump from obstacle to obstacle and catch as many music notes as possible. Press spacebar or up arrow to jump. Press right arrow to move faster and left arrow to move slower. Game Name: Music Puppy
Phantom Mansion II. Treasures of the Seven Seas. T

Guide Hector around each room using the arrow keys. Collect all the treasure skulls to open the exit. Use keys to open locked doors. Push crates into the water to bridge gaps. Stand on switches to make things happen. Walk up to scrolls to get help. Game Name: Phantom Mansion II. Treasures of the Seven Seas. The Arabian Sea
Combat Hero Adventures

Use A and D to move or arrows and W or up arrow to jump. To pick up weapons press the S key. To aim and shoot use the mouse or you can choose your own keys from the menu. In Control Point mode the aim is to capture control points. Stand near them to capture them. In Capture the Flag mode you need to capture the enemies flag and bring back to yours to score. In Deathmatch and Team Deathmach kill your opponents to score. Game Name: Combat Hero Adventures
Hulk Madness

Use left and right arrows to move. Use up arrow to jump. Destroy all the air craft before your power bar get empty. The damage bar shows how much damage you have made to aircraft. Press Z to destroy all the aircraft in the area. You can only jump when your jump bar is full. Game Name: Hulk Madness
Itchana Tchones Zombie Terror

A curse threatens the small village. An old graveyard near the cave hides a dark secret and the zombies begin to attack. This will be the opportunity to Indiana Jones double to show his skill with the whip and destroy the danger. Use the arrow keys to move and spacebar to hit. Game Name: Itchana Tchones Zombie Terror
Sushi N Hack

You went to your favorite sushi restaurant and could not eat sushi because the wicked robbers stolen all the sushi stock. You will have to take a courageous mission to retrieve the sushi and defeat your enemies. Use the arrow keys to move and jump and space bar to hit with your sword. Game Name: Sushi N Hack

Rescue all 33 archaeologists. Use arrows to move and jump. Hold up to jump higher. Press space bar to drop bombs. After dropping a bomb move away quickly. Look for secret passages. Game Name: Maxploder

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