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Pheus & Mor
BMX Challenge
Unfreeze Me!


Infiltrate the guarded enemy warehouse and collect fifty crates containing top secret info. Take out enemy guards by approaching them from behind and firing your shuriken. If you are spotted, you will be shot, unless you are able to move out of firing range. Collect fifty golden crates. Move with the arrow keys. Shoot with the space bar. Game Name: Ninjufo
Super Puzzle Platform

In this mix of arcade and puzzle or tetris you have to shoot the pieces in order to score points. Avoid falling pieces or to fall on stakes at the base of screen. Collect the bonus. Use arrow keys to move and jump and space bar or Z to shoot. Game Name: Super Puzzle Platform
Bird Fly

Use up and down arrows to fly. Collect balls for points and make the bird girlfriend happy. Avoid obstacles and enemy projectiles. Game Name: Bird Fly
Shore Siege!

Your ship seems to be shipwrecked and defenceless. You best look around for a weapon of some sort to protect your ship until you can get it repaired. A rusty nail will do the job. Drag it from your display and use it to stab the blobs. Game Name: Shore Siege!

All was peaceful in Snail Town. Until a day, the snails began to disappear one by one. Can anyone rescue the missing snails? Use WASD or arrows to move and Z or K to jump. You can climb the walls with up arrow and left or right. Game Name: Snailiad

The character will continually move toward the curser´s position. Guide the character around the screen by moving the cursor. To attack, click the left mouse button. The character will always attack facing the cursor´s current location. Press N to change the song. Game Name: Amorphous
Dinasty Street

You have been selected to infiltrate the base of the opposing Reds, code named Dinasty Street, using our latest technology. The area is heavely guarded and infiltrating it will not be easy. When you reach the core you will plant the EM and escape. Use arrows to move, jump and crouch, Z to punch, X to kick, space bar to action and detonate mine and D to drop weapon. Game Name: Dinasty Street
Zombie Crypt

Help the character to cross the zombie crypt. Avoid the dangers and enable the buttons to open doors. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and jump. Collect the diamonds in your path. Game Name: : Zombie Crypt
Diamond Hollow

It is dangerous to go alone. Take this saying with a grain of salt. When life drops you down a cave, sometimes you have got to go it alone. You will likely be eaten by a grue. Your goal is to escape the cave without dying. Use A and D keys to move sideways, and W or space to jump. Use the mouse to aim and click to shoot, hold it down to continuosly fire. Press F to toggle autofire. Collect diamonds scattered around the cave, and from enemies you defeat to upgrade your skills. Different colored diamonds are worth more. As you climb higher and higher the monster get more powerful. Game Name: Diamond Hollow

Your mission in the first level is to finish it in less than 150 seconds, collect 25 coins and kill 10 zombies and collect their heads. Use WASD to move and mouse to aim and shoot. Use E to make actions like activate elevators and more. Game Name: Zombotron

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