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Dralienīs day

Feed Us

Help the little piranha to consume the required litres of blood to access to the next level. Hit boats to sink them. Collect blood bags to buy upgrades. Use mouse to move the fish. Game Name: Feed Us

Your workspace was hit by another earthquake. It damaged the equipment. You must to go pick up a replacement trans-dimensional particle drive. Take the elevator down to the robot service tunnels. Use left and right arrows to walk, up and down to aim, Z to jump, C or Down to examine, talk and enter, Shift to carry items, X to shoot. Game Name: Transdimensional
Little Lilly and Chocolate

Set out with Little Lilly out on this adventure. Little Lilly is responsible for closing all the levers to stop chocolate drops and these drops while avoiding chocolate, once the lever to close the last door opens. Drop restraint for two seconds and less life. Move with arrows. Use space bar to jump. Close the levers and pass through doors with up arrow. Game Name: Little Lilly and Chocolate
10800 Zombies

Haunt all the zombies and avoid their attack. Press AD or left and right arrows to move. Press up or W or X to jump. Press down or S to pick up things. Press space or Z to fire. Pick up weapons, health and more. Control your health percentage. Game Name: 10800 Zombies

Help the astronaut walk the caves of this dangerous planet. Avoid enemies and cannon fire. Enable controls the doors to open. Collect the diamonds that are in some places difficult to access. Press M to view the map. Use the arrow keys to move. Game Name: Redder

The game is based on the episode of Ramayana in which the king Rama tries to bring back his wife from Ravana. In the course of this game Rama has to collect three ashtras (weapons) to kill Ravana and get back his wife. Use arrows to move, space to jump and Ctrl to shoot the arrows. Game Name: Ramayana
Squirt Man

A nuclear war has devastated your once beautiful planet. The world has gone to hell, as have all life forms. Everyone and everything has mutated into horrible creatures. You too have been turned into a mutant but with one notable differences – You have big guns and a funky slime powered jet pack unit. Itīs a battle for survival. You need food, the other mutants need food. Use WASD to move, Q and E to change weapons and mouse to aim and shoot. Game Name: Squirt Man
Hey Wizard. Quest for the Magic Mojo

The King of Mojo is missing. Help the magician to rescue him. Use A and D to walk and mouse to aim. Hold mouse button to charge magic and release it to fire. You can shoot enemies and also fly using your magic fire. Game Name: Hey Wizard. Quest for the Magic Mojo
Tweet Force

Use arrow keys to walk and jump. Press space to lay a bomb. It will explode shortly. Explosions donīt hurt you and may help jump higher if you jump over them. They hurt your enemies. You can drop bombs in mid air in some occasions. Game Name: Tweet Force
Armed with Wings 3

Your name is not Armed with Wings because you are not longer armed with wings. Start the adventure. There have been more and more dark creatures appearing around town recently. Try to solve this mistery and bring peace to the town. Use A to punch and S to use the sword, W to fly with the bird. Use arrows to move. Great images and music. Game Name: Armed with Wings 3

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