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Phantom Mansión II. The North Sea

Guide Hector around each room using the arrow keys. Collect all the treasure skulls to open locked doors. Push crates into the water to bridge gaps. Stand on switches to make things happen. Walk up to scrolls to get help. Game Name: Phantom Mansión II. Treasures of The Seven Seas. The North Sea
Crash Test Launcher

Use AD and left and right arrow to drive. Press space bar or left mouse button to activate nitro. In air press AD or arrows to control your flight. Press space or left mouse button just before you hit the ground to bounce more. Game Name: Crash Test Launcher
Diamond Hollow 2

The goal of the game is to climb the cave while collecting diamonds and defeating enemies. Navigate the cave using WASD or arrow keys, aim your gun using the mouse and use the let mouse button to shoot (hold to continue shooting). Game Name: Diamond Hollow 2
Tamus and Mitta Adventures

Enter the mines and collect all the stolen toys. Use arrows to move, press x to jump, up arrow to enter doors. Press Z to light a torch. The candle lights torches and provides light underground. The oil lamp is a constant light sources. Attach the rope to poles to cross over holes. Keys unlock doors and activate platforms. The yo-yo destroys soft walls. The spinning top destroys soft floors. Find all the toys hidden in the mines. Use candy to activate certain objects. Game Name: Tamus and Mitta Adventures
The Heart Eater

A true zombie needs the blood from the hearts of maidens to keep going. Get the hearts out of the girls. Kill the guys who come in your way. Use arrow keys to walk around. Use spacebar to attack. Press and hold R when you get near the girls to rip their hearts out. Walk over the weapons to arm yourself. Control your remaining health and hearts left to collect. Game Name: The Heart Eater
Dirk Valentine. The Fortress of Steam

Use cursor keys or WASD to move. Press up or W to jump, S or down to drop trough a chain. Aim with the mouse cursor. Press left button to fire a chain. Use chains to create platforms to take out the bad guys. Collect bonus. Free your soldiers trapped in cages. Game Name: Dirk Valentine. The Fortress of Steam
Run Ninja

Run with the ninja avoiding the obstacles in your way. Use up arrow to jump, down arrow to slide. Collect the gold bars that appear in the way. Game Name: Run Ninja
Camera Chaos

Arrange the chaos of the initial image. The screen will be presented in random fragments. Click on them to exchange them. Then you will have to get the character to the door using arrow keys. Collect the key to open the door and press S to enter. Collect the coins. Game Name: Camera Chaos
Mario Tricky Stunt

Do tricky stunt with Mario. Today Mario is in mood of doing stunt in air. Mario can´t swim so keep him in air. Use arrow keys to perform Mario´s stunt. Collect coins and collide with enemy birds for extra points. Game Name: Mario Tricky Stunt
Eine and Kleine. Chapter One

Help Eine And Kleine to reach the exit door. Use arrows to move, up arrow to jump. Press twice up arrow to double jumping. Press space to switch between heroes. Press up arrow to pick up and drop an item. Get the required stars to use the teleport to next level. Game Name: Eine und Kleine. Chapter One

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