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Mosquito and Cow
Monster Safe
Monkey Go Happy ...
The Slob

Discount Mayonnaise

Use left and right arrows or AD to move, up or W to jump and double jump, hold longer to jump higher, jump again at the peak of a jump to reach higher platforms, space or K to shoot. Game Name: Discount Mayonnaise
Merc X

The daughter of a leading biologist has been abducted by a small group. Rescue her. Use left and right arrows to move. Press up to jump, hold it longer to jump higher. Press Z or Y to fire. Shoot crates to find honey and health. Stand over a door and press space to go through. Game Name: Merc X

Use arrow keys, X and C to control your character. Avoid dangers in the dark, like monsters, giant bubbles, spikes and holes. Get achievements. Try to survive and find the exit in each cave. Memorize all the steps to repeat them if you mistake one in a level. Game Name: Hollow
Blue Knight

You are a knight of human alliance. You were sent to a new planet to complete your mission. Use arrows or WASD to move. Stand on check points to activate them. You will start over there if you die. Press and hold M to view the map. Find the gun and then aim and shoot using the mouse. Collect black diamonds walking over them. Open the doors paying with the amount of diamonds required. Game Name: Blue Knight
Death Unicorn of Death

Many believed that they were extinct, or that they had never existed at all, but the truth is that the unicorns have been waiting for a champion. That champion has arrived and hes looking or vengeance. Use arrow keys to move. Press space to unleash your fury. Upgrades increase your anger. Game Name: Death Unicorn of Death
Undead End Hardcore

Use the directional arrows to move Unca Scott. Press space to jump, Z, A and X, S to use weapon. Press A, D to open doors or to perform an action. Search for the doors or the red arrows on the floor. Press A or D to open a door or a passage. Swap weapons and items. Kill all enemies on your way to find the keys. Game Name: Undead End Hardcore
Jelly Jam

Help the little octopus to collect all the jewels and treasures in the sea. Use the arrow keys to move and grab gems, rings, boxes, extra lives and more. Avoid hazards such as hooks, fishes, waste and garbage. Get as much score as possible. Game Name: Jelly Jam
Effing Worms

Move around in the subterranean world looking for the right moment to appear in the surface and attack humans and animals to eat them. The more you eat the more you grow and get score to evolve and become more dangerous. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the worm. Game Name: Effing Worms

Help Duplicator to complete his mission and rescue the missing pet. Use WASD to move a character and LMB for actions. Use R to restart. Lifts uses an electricity. Find a switch to turn it on. Look for the safes. It contains silver coins. Duplicate objects when necessary (it costs energy). Game Name: Duplicator
NT Creature

Stop the enemy attack and protect the fortresses. Use WASD or arrows to move, jump and jump down. E to eat, F to use skill and mouse to attack. Eat enemies to gain evolution points and evolve to a more powerful one. Build towers at the tower base. Game Name: NT Creature

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