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The Entrance

Making Monkies (that looks like toast)

Use AD to move and W to jump. Hold for higher jump. Try to reach coffee cup in each level. Press spacebar or shift to pick up the gun and clone monkeys to help you in your mission. Game Name: Making Monkies (that looks like toast)
Spin and Soar

Use the arrow keys to maneuver yourself around the asteroids that are hurling towards you. Warning will appear before major changes. Look at the arrows to see to which direction the screen is going to rotate. Game Name: Spin and Soar
Make a Death Wish

In a room full of gangsters, you can choose how to kill them before death put his cold hand on your life. Select the weapon that will destroy all, a machete, a pistol, a shotgun, a machine gun, a sword and more. Game Name: Make a Death Wish
Lost on the Lost Planet

The year 2150, exploration ship Devilishspace, Planet XT200. The place is full of rocks and cliffs. Press the propulsors suit to go up. But your propulsor is broken and you can stop jumping. Use left and right arrow keys to move and try to get back to the ship. Game Name: Lost on the Lost Planet
Sticky Ninja Academy

Use mouse to control the jump. Click the ninja, drag the mouse and release. Hit ninjas. Get treasure and go to the exit. Knock bad guys to steal their treasure. Then reach the exit door. Press left mouse button and move to look around. Game Name: Sticky Ninja Academy
Re Imagine The Game

Walk around this imaginary worlds. Use left and right arrow or AD to move, up arrow, W, Z to jump, space to make actions a 1, 2, 3 to change character. Game Name: Re Imagine The Game
Kolm II

And how he found a friend. Kolm lost his mother. Now he is alone, or free. Use arrows to move, down arrow to duck, X to shoot, Z to jump, press twice to jump higher. Game Name: Kolm II
California Gold Rush

You job is to dig up as much gold as possible from the Sierra Nevada mines. You can move around by using the arrow keys or the mouse and clicking around you. If you click further away or drag and release the left mouse button, you can move longer distances. You can dig tunnels to left, right and below of you. Your job is to mine as much gold as you can and reach at lest the first gold milestone indicated in the milestone meter. You can dig by clicking on a square adjacent to you. Fill your backpack with gold. Use money to buy supplies. Game Name: California Gold Rush
Fat Warrior 2

Use the arrows to move and X to attack. If you want to taste your mother´s savory soup again, get your father the king out from the jail. Then you´ll have to recover the magical forks, scattered to the corners of the kingdom. You must also recover the supreme silverware, which Skinny has hidden in the castle. Game Name: Fat Warrior 2
Gino´s Platorms

Use S or Up to jump, hold to jump a little higher. The small alarm icon shows the time left to complete the level. Less time you will use, more points you gain. Jump on enemies heads to kill them. Press down arrow when jumping to smash enemies. You gain points for each enemy you kill. And lose points every time you die. Get the check point orange flags. Hoist them to activate. Game Name: Gino´s Platorms

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