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Handless Millona ...
Accurate Boy
3D Rally Racing
Death Racers

Lynn Love

Use mouse to move. Single click to walk. Double click to run. Collect all love sprites. Follow the mission instructions. Game Name: Lynn Love

Robots with mechanical failures are thrown into a destruction belt. You decided that it is not going to be your destiny. Use A and D to walk, W to jump (hold longer to jump higher). Press S to enter portals. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Game Name: Mecanaught
Kyra´s Revenge

A girl took off Kyra notepad. Help her to recover these pages. Use arrows to move and jump. Collect 100 coins to get an extra life. Collect block pages to complete the level. Collect harts to increase your health. Game Name: Kyra´s Revenge
Armed with Wings. Culmination

Armed with Wings, you have to fight back against your enemies. Go through the different places of the kingdom defeating your opponents in this game with excellent animation. Use energy doors to move to new places, press the space bar to advance in the talks, the arrow keys to move and jump, up arrow twice to jump higher and A to attack. Game Name: Armed with Wings. Culmination
Scarlet Stranger and the Chameleon Castle

Once was a count who lived at castle chameleon. A cruel man named Thrashwoode, quite Machiavellian. Inside the castle were two loyal assistans. But Thrashwoode cared not, and remained ever distant. His power and wealth left him no time for kindness. In friendship and love he was struck with a blindness. For just one did he care, his affections fulfilled her, a beautiful princess known as Hilda. A sorceress came through the window one night, raised her hand, cast a spell. The count was trapped in his castle forever. Now the stranger will enter the castle. Use arrows to move, Z to perform action and X to use shield. Game Name: Scarlet Stranger and the Chameleon Castle
Vulpin Adventure

Take care of little Vulpin and join him in this adventure. Use items by dragging them. Explore the areas displayed in world map and fight against several enemies. Game Name: Vulpin Adventure
Taz´s Tropical Havoc. Twister Island!

Taz has landed on a lost tropical island. Help him avoid native hunters, find food and escape de island. Move Taz by using left and right arrows. Jump by using space bar or up arrow. Your goal is to destroy all stone statues so Taz can leave the island. Devouring food makes Taz go on a whirling rampage. He destroys all in his path. But only for a limited time. Avoid vulcanos. Game Name: Taz´s Tropical Havoc. Twister Island!
The Savior

Use WASD to move and jump, J to attack, K to run and L to perform special attack. Each level up gains experience points. Control your stamina bar to move faster. Limit break is available for an upgraded weapon. Each upgraded weapon has a different limit break. Game Name: The Savior
Pixel Quest. The Lost Gifts

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, jump and duck and L or Z to dash. Press R to retry. Double jump to jump higher. Collect diamonds, gifts and keys to open doors. Press W to open doors to finish levels. Game Name: Pixel Quest. The Lost Gifts
Little Life

Kichu is sad because he is smaller than everyone. Help him to do something about this. Use arrows or WASD to move and Ctrl or Enter to use switches. Collect treasures to open the doors in each level and be rich. Then you will forget your size. Game Name: Little Life

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