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Diamond Adventure

Collect all the diamonds, destroy enemies for more points and avoid traps. Use arrows to move, Z to jump, double Z to double jump and X to run. Game Name: Diamond Adventure
Action Escape Kitty

Move with the arrow keys. Hold down the C key to rapidfire. You will move slower while firing. Be careful with enemy bullets. You can only be hit 5 times before dying. Use the safety blast with the X key. It will erase all enemy projectiles on screen and recharge automatically. Game Name: Action Escape Kitty
Cure the Zombies

Avoid the zombies using arrow keys. Collect letters. Apply Cure. Use power ups to assist you in saving the zombies. Game Name: Cure the Zombies

Capture ectomorphs as many as possible. Don´t kill them. Use mouse to control the light in order to locate ectomorphs. Hold left click to begin extracting the ectomorph. A small bar will appear. Release the mouse within the marked limits on the bar. Click or use keyboard numbers to switch view. Game Name: Ectology
12 Rooms No Escape!

Use arrow keys to move. Double tap up to double jump. Hack terminal to open exit. Get to the exit. You are visible in the light but you cannot be detected in the shadows. Game Name: 12 Rooms No Escape!
Mr. Bean and the Goldenfish

Mr. Bean wants to go out with the fish bowl without getting caught by others. Guide him to get the key and come out o the place. Complete all the levels to win the game. Use keyboard to interact. Game Name: Mr. Bean and the Goldenfish
Saving the Company

The company is bankrupt and you thought that the best idea to save it was to get into an old and dangerous castle and steal the treasure. Now you have to carry out your complicated solution. Use the arrow keys or WASD to walk and jump and spacebar to shoot when you have a gun. Game Name: Saving the Company
The Several Journeys of Reemus. Chapter 4

Reemus received a personal invitation to visit the royal castle by the King of Fredicus himself. After arriving at the castle gates he found the kingdom abandonend and infested with horrible death slugs. Help him in this new adventure. Game Name: The Several Journeys of Reemus. Chapter 4
Heavy Pawnage

Fight against military enemies that destroyed all the civilization around the world using your prototype armor. Use WASD or arrows to navigate, J, K, L to attack and press space to start. Game Name: Heavy Pawnage
Lava Climber

Reach the end of each level avoiding all the obstacles. Jump over lava wells and avoid shoots. Use arrows to move, up arrow and X to jump. Down arrow to crouch and enter to retry. Game Name: Lava Climber

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