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Train Mania
Ricochet Kills
Monster Safe
Loony Box

Temp Ninja

Tired of office work you decided to be a ninja. Use WASD or arrow keys to move and jump, and space bar to do stuff. Game Name: Temp Ninja
Strike Force Heroes

A research facility is ping attacked. You hold very vital information, escape with your life. Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Use W, up or space bar to jump. Hold S or down to crouch. Use mouse to aim and shoot. Game Name: Strike Force Heroes
Dragon Age

Use mouse to move. Click enemies to attack. Click high to jump. Health regenerates automatically. Kill enemies to pass barriers. Click and drag to power strike. Game Name: Dragon Age Legends Remix 01
Double Edged

Battle against the mythical enemies and monsters. Player 1 uses arrows to move. Player 2 uses WASD to move and GH to hit and jump. Press jump and hit at the same time for more powerful attack. Game Name: Double Edged
The Unfortunate Life of Firebug

Use the cursor keys to control firebug to the end of each level. As blocks turn they crumble and fall away. Firebug is invulnerable to fire but dies in water. Meet critters and collect jellybeans along the way. Game Name: The Unfortunate Life of Firebug
Bots and Blocks

Use left and right arrows or AD to move, use down arrow or S to destroy blocks, press up arrow to jump. You can also create blocks on empty space. If you get stuck click the reset button or press R. Game Name: Bots and Blocks

Press the left and right arrow keys or AD to move. Touch the Flag to complete the level. Collect the stars in each level. Walk out from screen to access to an opposing part of the level. Game Name: Recursion

You are alone in a world of silhouettes and shimmering floors. There are many dangers in this world, but some can be stamped out. There is an abomination that plagues this world. Invisible blocks are common and very annoying. But you have noticed that invisible blocks have reflections. Maybe that’s why the floor is so polished. There are invisible spikes and invisible enemies too. Use arrows to move. Game Name: Noitcelfer
Fancy Wizard

Help the wizard to reach the exit door in each level. Click the mouse inside he circle to create dummies to help you in your task. Click on a dummy to lock its position. Game Name: Fancy Wizard
Feed Us 3

Once again help the piranha grow by devouring every people and fish. Try to get the necessary blood to survive. Hit the boats to make the persons fall down and then attack them. Use the mouse to move. Game Name: Feed Us 3

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