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A year ago, on the day of your birthday you were going to your parents´ house to celebrate. In a terrible car accident you lost life. Now you´re locked in a strange place, like a dream. Try to reach the exit. Use the arrow keys to move. Avoid the hazards in your way. Game Name: Sequester

Use WASD or arrows to move. Get the keys to open the doors. Find the way to reach the exit door in each level. Game Name: Psychout

You are a nice dog. Your master tells you to move to her with the arrow keys. She tells you to pick up the coins in your way. Follow her through doors with space bar. Jump with Z. Press R to restart. Press X to change your perspective when you find something impossible in your path. Game Name: Perspective
Effing Worms 2

Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Eat all the people and animals that walk on the surface to increase your size. Dodge the shots of the gunmen. Game Name: Effing Worms 2

Use WASD or arrow keys to move through the world. You can jump again while in mid-air to perform a double jump. Hold down space to activate the drill and move into earth to dig through it. You cannot drill into hard rocks. Digging raises your heat. You can see your heat at the bottom right of the screen, along with your fuel and health. Stop drilling and stand still in order to cool down. If you overheat you start taking damage. The deeper underground you go, the hotter it is. Environment heat cannot be reduced by still, you have to go back to the surface. Game Name: Glean
Bloomo. A Submarine Adventure

During you last trip you found a book telling about a very rare plant that grows in underwater caves close to the island of Phi-Sai. You decided to go there and find it. Use arrows to move and mouse to control the harpoon to pick up and move objects. Game Name: Bloomo. A Submarine Adventure
60 Seconds Burger Run

Your favourite burger restaurant is closing in 60 seconds. Hurry up. Use arrows or AD to run, up arrow or W to jump. Jump over bricks to break them. Game Name: 60 Seconds Burger Run
Green Test Subject

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move blue. Press space to fire. Navigate blue to the food pill safely to complete each level on the way you must find the keycard to unlock the fill capsule. Game Name: Green Test Subject
The Unfortunate Life of Firebug 2

Use the arrow keys to control firebug and reach the end of each level. As blocks turn they crumble and fall away. Firebug is invulnerable to fire but he dies in water. Meet critters and collect jellybeans along the way. Game Name: The Unfortunate Life of Firebug 2
Robot Unicorn Attack

Press Z to jump and double jump, press X to rainbow attack, press Z to make your wishes come true. Run with the unicorn, jump over holes and dash rock stars. Game Name: Robot Unicorn Attack

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