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Werebox 2
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Pheus & Mor

Pheus and Mor are two friends, dog and human, that have a deep friendship. Help them get together and reach the exit at each level. You will have to get to buttons that open some gates. Use the arrow keys and WASD to move to each of the characters. Game Name: Pheus & Mor

Use arrows to move around. In a kingdom far away called Lanceland there was a king searching for his successor. He had two sons. The king wanted to choose on of his sons by the size of their lances as his successor. Try to reach the objective to be the king. Collect the keys. Free the mage and use his shield to move trough spears. Press the down key in front of a mage to grant him a special ability. Game Name: Lancelost
Super Adventure Pals

Use arrow keys and WASD to move and use abilities. Press A to use the sword, S to throw bombs. Collect the rubies and complete the adventure. Game Name: Super Adventure Pals
Georganism 2

Use arrow keys to move. There are 3 hidden totems on each stage. Touch them to activate its ancient power. Move on wooden blocks to eat them. Press bottoms to open doors. Put jellies together and press enter to combine them and acquire new skills. Game Name: Georganism 2
Suspense II

Man is mortal. This was and always will be. But, if we can control what we predestined? Use S to change time, arrows to move, space to greeting and drag objects. Some objects like boxes can move in time. Move between the two timelines to advance in the screens. Game Name: Suspense II
The Pyro Guy

Use arrows to move. Push objects to climb. W or S to switch weapons. Use space bar to explode bombs and other actions. Complete each mission to advance to next one. Game Name: The Pyro Guy
Kleine Castle

Use arrow keys to control your character. Press C or space to attack with a sword, up or X to jump and double press to jump higher, B or Z to throw a bomb. Press down arrow to open doors. Game Name: Kleine Castle
Flood Runner 4

Press up arrow to jump and double jump. Keep an eye on your health bar. You have a glide bar. When it goes green you can glide. Unlock skills on your way. Control your speedometer. Game Name: Flood Runner 4
Flood Runner Armageddon

Left mouse click or press up arrow to jump, double jump, glide and wallrun. Hold down either keys for combos when prompted. Keep an eye on your health bar. You have a glide bar. When it goes green you can glide. Control your speedometer. Game Name: Flood Runner Armageddon

Walk this dangerous fantasy land, heading down into underground passages and looking for ways to open your path. Try to find the sword and gold to help you in your mission. Use the arrow keys to move. Game Name: Seedling

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