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Vampire Physics
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Flaming Zoomboka

LA Rex

Run through the city streets chasing everything that moves. Attack humans, destroy cars and more. Use the arrow keys or AWD to move and jump and mouse to move the head and biting. Game Name: LA Rex
Ninja and Blind Girl 2

Protect the girl at any cost. Press 1 to use girl skill. Press 2 to use ninja skill. Kill all enemies and advance in the game. Buy upgrades with the earned coins. Game Name: Ninja and Blind Girl 2
Fearless. Escape the Nightmare

Every night the same dream. You are running in a forest. Death is chasing you. Do not let it catch you. You will have to overcome to not dream more the same. Press Z to jump and X to attack. Collect coins. Game Name: Fearless. Escape the Nightmare
Ghostly Me

Go through the different levels with the little ghost. Try to reach the exit gate in each level. Avoid falling into the water or touching the moving dots. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move and jump. Collect white dots to get some score. Game Name: Ghostly Me
Feed Us 5

Help the piranha to escape the aquarium by breaking the glasses with a bucket. Then go to the lake, eat all people in the water and break the boats. Avoid touching the jellyfish or you will be killed with electric shock. You will have to complete the objectives in each level in order to advance in the game. Game Name: Feed Us 5
Infiltrating the Airship

Try to infiltrate the airship. Select a option to start: earpiece, grapple gun, sticky hand or cannonball. Then try to take the control of the airplane. Game Name: Infiltrating the Airship
Natural Selection

Catch all bugs throwing your web. Click on places or on insects to shed your web and move towards them. Catch all bugs to advance to the next level. Avoid wasps stings because they will make you lose. Game Name: Natural Selection
Ninja and Blind Girl

Your goal is to help the ninja to defend the girl from enemy attacks. Choose your warrior qualities. Buy upgrades when you advance in levels. Collect the coins sliding the mouse over them. Game Name: Ninja and Blind Girl

Use mouse or arrow keys to move. Mouse click to jump. Try to reach the exit in each level. Absorb other creatures. Use 1-4 to mutate. You can mutate during jump. You can only absorb in first form. Game Name: Transmorpher
Choose your 2012

Choose your weapon to start world destruction. Click the red button to see the available weapons. Control the overcharge bar of each weapon. Select a world area and start destruction. Game Name: Choose your 2012

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