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Rally Stage
Click Play 2. Ra ...
Micro Sports


Get ready to have some fun running and jumping and flying and the Tomoo game. You need to help Tomoo run, jump and fly and also its really important to use Tomoo\'s special ears to fly and collect the monster teeth. See if you can get through all 20 levels. Arrow keys to move, jump and fly. S key to pick up items.
Mario Jungle Trouble

Guess what? Princess Peach is in trouble again and she needs Mario to save her. In the Mario Jungle Trouble game you need to help get Super Mario through the dangerous jungle. Watch out for some crazy traps and bad guys that will make it hard for you to save the princess. Eventually you will have a showdown with Bowser so make sure you are ready.
Adventures of Buttlock

Play as Buttlock as you go on a quest to rescue your love. Arrows – Move A - Action 1 S - Action 2 Q -toggle quality. Esc - Escape to main menú
Adventures Of Guy

You are Guy. The Great Wizard of the Magical Land wants you to help him get rid of the strange creatures who has invaded the land.... Game Instructions: The Great Wizard of the Magical Land is too weak to destroy all of the creatures that have invaded the land by himself. You have the physical strength to get rid of these pests. So you just volunteer yourself for the job. Anyway, You have to get fifty magic stones for the wizard. These stones will enhance his magic abilities, giving him the power to destroy the creatures...It will also take care of other business...
Roadside Biker

Get into the Roadside Biker game and test your skills. You will need to successfully launch your biker. Take aim, adjust the angle of your shot and let her rip. See how many levels you can complete. Use your mouse to play.
Vinnies Shooting Yard 1

Vinnie is back in the shooting yard in the Vinnies Shooting Yard 1 game. In this shooter its all about survival. You need to stay alive long enough to take out the bad guys. If you don\'t they will shoot you and its game over. Use your mouse to aim and shoot the targets.
A Koopas Revenge

Is one pissed-off turtle. His party was crashed and he has only one thing on his mind, REVENGE. Instructions: Left/Right Arrow keys to walkUp Arrow to enter doorDown Arrow to go down a pipeSpacebar to Jump/Flap WingsControl to Run/Breathe Fire
Faraon Arcanoid

Player has to control the paddle to destroy all blocks which have different special functions in this remake of a classic flash game. Use mouse to control the paddle.

Defeat your opponents. Use W, A, S, D keys to move. Mouse Click to use weapon. Press Space Bar key to switch from short range to long range weapon. Use R, T keys or Mouse Wheel to change throwing weapons. Use E key or click Mouse Wheel to use throw-able weapons.

You are lost in space and you need to rescue your crew of fellow astronauts from disaster. Use your rocket and see how many astronauts you can rescue. Use your mouse to play.

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