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Angry Ninja
Double Win
Intelligence Com ...


Run race through these tracks against any number of opponents, and don’t overheat for the win. Use Arrow keys to move, Spacebar to jump.
Ping A.I.

The classic game of pong infused with the classic movie Tron, except not really. How many pings can you last through before boredom takes over? No Instructions Provided.
Dual color fairy

Make your way through the levels in this puzzle platformer by playing with both the white and black character at the same time! Controls: P1 move with \'wad\',P2 move with \'←↑→\',player can destroy the block with the same color.

Game story: Mermaid princess fell in love with human prince. King prevent mermaid princess and the prince together, because the story of the mermaid tragic ending. So he imprisoned the princess,prohibit princess and the prince meet. N order to live together with the prince, the mermaid princess and prince eloped. Along the way there are many dangers and obstacles,let us help them to go forward. Controls: Prince:← → to move,↑ to jump Princess:WASD to move,SPACE to pick up or put down box.
Bushido Panda

Numerous penguins are attacking panda\'s bamboo garden! Those penguins are planning to settle down there, and thus they\'re beginning to produce snow in the bamboo garden, which greatly irritated the panda. Now help Panda warrior to fight against those penguins! A fun exciting adventure game, enjoy it!

A cool retro game! Play as Toki the human that became a gorilla by a mad wizard and help him save his sweetheart.
Pix City

Explore Pix City, fight the bad guys and try not to get caught up in corruption and crime!

Get ready to have some fun running and jumping and flying and the Tomoo game. You need to help Tomoo run, jump and fly and also its really important to use Tomoo\'s special ears to fly and collect the monster teeth. See if you can get through all 20 levels. Arrow keys to move, jump and fly. S key to pick up items.
Mario Jungle Trouble

Guess what? Princess Peach is in trouble again and she needs Mario to save her. In the Mario Jungle Trouble game you need to help get Super Mario through the dangerous jungle. Watch out for some crazy traps and bad guys that will make it hard for you to save the princess. Eventually you will have a showdown with Bowser so make sure you are ready.
Adventures of Buttlock

Play as Buttlock as you go on a quest to rescue your love. Arrows – Move A - Action 1 S - Action 2 Q -toggle quality. Esc - Escape to main menú

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