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Dash Dash

In Dash Dash you have to help the bird ton to run away from a big scary monster. You will need to run as fast as you can to survive!
Snake Challenge

Snake Challenge is a puzzle game played with the keyboard. In this game your goal is to guide a snake through a maze to collect all the food inside it. Take care not to bite off your own tail or youll have to start over!
City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack

Play the FUBAR Pack of the third sequel of City Siege! Your aim is to sneak through the enemy territory and kill \'em all! Collect coins to purchase upgrades and hire new soldiers. Complete all missions of City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack to win! Much fun!
Mario Princess 2

Mario Princess 2 is a skill game played with the mouse and keyboard. In this game your goal is to rescue Princess Peach by drawing lines that will allow you to reach her and avoid obstacles. Use the mouse to draw lines and the arrow keys to move.
Zuzu the Elf

The Elfen world will never be the same after the king of the Dark Elves opened the Box of Banishment releasing evil monsters. Now it`s your time to play as the chosen one, Zuzu, a brave elf that sets out on a fantastic adventure to close the powerful box. Run from dangerous creatures and avoid all obstacles in your way. Collect delicious treats to boost your health and do amazing tricks. Reach the portal before it`s too late and restore the peace to the Elfen world.
Raze 3

Raze 3 begin where Raze 2 left off. Continue saving mankind of aliens, robots, and even zombies. Arm yourself with weapons, equipment, and abilities.

Move to Slydrs up to the orange buttons, use the mouse to select the Slyder that will move and the arrow keys to move.
Mercurial Story

Play through 18 levels of platform puzzler involving gravity. Mercurial Story speak about a moody guy and his eternal fight between Anger and Happiness. Try to complete all the levels and get all the 18 Pills. Sometimes they seems to be unreachable, but I swear you can get all of them.
The Scoring Mario

The Scoring Mario is an action game played with the keyboar. In this game your goal is to play as Mario and collect all the coins in each maze while avoiding the bad guys. Collect stars to disable them for a short time.
Grapple Cat

Help a cat escape a giant wave. Click to jump, and click again whilst in the air to use a grappling hook (yes, a grappling hook).

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